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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revisiting Projects Of 2010: Home Office Redesign

While I take some time off with my family this week, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the projects completed in 2010! Here is the Home Office Redesign and a rundown of the DIY projects and best finds that went into its design.

Creating a space for the man of the house.

Photos by Mrs. Limestone & A Vintage Inspired Clock from Target

The graphic Jorun rug from Ikea anchors the design.

Making Drapery Panels (from Calico Corners Turkestan!)

Painting the Walls a dark and moody color: SW 7026 Griffin

Finding room for the husband's favorite things.

Making a $29 clearance Home Depot light fixture look designer...
with spray paint.

Refinishing a Cabinet that was once in my Grandfather's wood shop.

Final Details: Desk Lamp and an Old Scoop Chalk Holder

Revisiting this room design has me excited about all the plans I have in store for 2011!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Home Office Redesign - Done!

The redesign of the Home Office was not an overnight project. In fact, work on this room began at the end of last year! Significantly extending the time frame was the idea to get started on Max's room while I waited for the office cabinet to be striped of lead paint. He'd been patiently waiting for the day when I would get to his room and with a two week wait before the cabinet would be returned I thought, hey, why not start on the Big Boy's Bedroom? Once started, however, I didn't stop...

But, better late than never. Here is the completed office and a list of the various projects that went into its design: The Chalkboard and Art Wall combination, Making Drapery Panels, adding Nail Head Trim to the Wingback Chair, Shelving, a quick Pillow, Wall Color, Refinishing the Cabinet, Refinishing the Desk Chair, Lighting and finally...Accessories.

The design of the room started around this old cabinet, which was originally in my grandfather's woodshop. When my husband saw it sitting in my parent's garage he thought it would be a great piece for his office.

Two of Mrs. Limestone's photographs, images of Buddha at Lantau and a vintage typewriter, hang alongside photographs my husband has had for years. It was a thrilling turn of events when I won the new photos in a giveaway at the Brooklyn Limestone, since it had been my intention to purchase a photo or two of hers for this wall anyway.

The clock is from Target while the old scoop, found in one of the cabinet bins, became a perfect container to store chalk in.

A simple tray found at Target provides a spot to set a drink. Coffee while reading the morning paper and something stronger while catching up on a bit of late night reading.

The last find for the room was the Juron rug from Ikea. There are three distinct areas in this small room, the chalkboard/art wall with the cabinet placed infront, the seating corner and the shelving wall. This rug is the element that helps pull them all together into a single unit.

Nail head trim added along the vertical lines of the Atwood chair brings tailored detailing to this piece of furniture.

Handsome drapery panels are made from a striking ikat fabric found at Calico Corners, called Turkestan in Cocoa.

The Pharmacy Floor Lamp is another item from Target while a green pillow is made of fabric found at JoAnn fabrics.

This lantern fixture was practically being given away during a clearance sale at Home Depot. Luckily I saw past its original shiny brass finish, knowing a can of matte black spray paint would easily transform it.

An RA Miller wall sculpture is a favorite find of my husband's from years ago, as is the animal table. This room needed to accommodate a number of eclectic items, and that was part of the fun of working on this project.

Three Holman Shelves from Pottery Barn can handle the weight of endless stacks of magazines...

...while Roscoe can make himself at home just about anywhere.

The pull out board is a convenient surface to place a computer while the drawers and bins provide endless storage. As I said in another post...things are going to get lost in there.

What are my favorite parts of the room? The art hung on the wonderfully textured chalkboard wall, having a place to bring my grandfather's cabinet into our home, and the moodiness created by the colors and lighting.

And my husband's favorites? I just asked him and was surprised he had so much to say! "I like the chair corner, having windows on either side provides good lighting while reading. The french doors are really a nice feature which makes the room feel connected to the rest of the house...and the colors. They work well in the winter, the room feels cozy, but the cool tones of the room also create a comfortable place to be on a warm day."

You are so very welcome...

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Can The Room Be Nearly Done?!

While adding a few final accessories to the Home Office Redesign, I noticed the orange pencils looked great in the room. Shoot! Wasn't this color similar to the original stain on the desk chair I was refinishing, having recently begun to sand off some of the stain?

I had planned to stain the sanded frame a walnut color, creating a finish on the chair similar to the top of the cabinet. Maybe I needn't have even bothered. Now, how do I backtrack?

I wondered, what would happen if I finished sanding the frame, but didn't remove all of the original stain? Could I then restain it with a similar color, creating a worn looking finish? It sure would take a lot less time than having to completely remove all the old stain. And given how many refinishing projects I've done recently, finding a shortcut would certainly put a smile on my face!

I figured I had nothing to lose by trying. It only took about an hour to finish sanding the frame, from where I had left off a couple of weeks ago. It was a rainy day and I didn't even bother to move the chair into the garage to sand...I wanted to be warm and comfortable. (I could vacuum the room later!)

Afterwards, the chair was moved into the garage to be stained. A bit of dust was fine but stain fumes are another issue.

The frame was wiped down, cleaning it of dust, and then a layer of Minwax Red Oak Stain was rubbed over the frame. These steps took just a few minutes.

The next day the finished chair was brought into the office. The worn finish and color looks great in the room, and I was celebrating the fact that cutting corners on this project worked out just fine!

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the finished room. In the meantime, here is a sneak peek of the last item that has been brought into the room. I am loving it!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Home Office Redesign - Lighting

One of the last projects for the Home Office Redesign is to bring in more lighting, as requested by my husband. Yes, he has been reading my blog...and is developing an opinion about home decor. At first I found this annoying, but now I'm coming around to appreciating his point of view. After fifteen years of living with me he's developed quite the good eye!

Before hitting the stores, I first looked around the house to see if there were any fixtures that could be used. One lamp, which has been floating from room to room looking for a home, will work perfectly placed on the cabinet. As for its shade, that was a different story, so next I went shopping for a new lampshade.

When a project calls for lampshades I nearly always stop at Lamps Plus first. They have a great selection and the prices are good. What I was visualizing as I drove to the store was a smaller design which would not block too much of the art wall. When I saw the tall slim shade, pictured above in the center, it occurred to me that perhaps I could go quite small with the shade in this situation. But I wasn't sure, so I selected two additional styles and brought them all home to try on for size.

Back at home I placed the base on the cabinet. I liked how it looked here, repeating the ceiling lantern and drapery hardware finish, while almost getting lost against the wall. (A good thing I think, in this case!) Then I started trying on the shade options.

This first shade is not what you would typically select for this base, with its width being narrower than the lamp. However, I like that it doesn't completely block the images behind it, while the shape and color repeats similar shapes and colors on the art wall.

This second option is nice, the warm brown tone picks up the same color present in some of the photographs. But the size of the shade, which would be perfect in most instances, makes me want to tilt my head to see what is behind it.

I actually like the color of the third option the most, but the band along the bottom looks too preppy for this room. And again, the size doesn't work for me.

The choice: my break the rules shade wins. In addition to minimizing how much the fixture blocks the images behind it, the lighter shade brightens this particular spot on the art wall, a dark area created by the empty frames that are hung here. It actually brings more balance to the art wall.

It is amazing how light can add life and dimension to a space.

The second area that needed lighting was the corner where the Atwood wingback chair sits. I found this simple Pharmacy Floor Lamp at Target, its utilitarian look suited the space and I liked the price.

Though once I started putting it together I wasn't so sure. It certainly didn't look like it would add up to the 48" height stated on the box.

But it did and is just the right height to light up this corner while sitting and reading.

This room is nearly done. All that is left to do is refinish the chair that sits at the cabinet and bring in a few accessories...hopefully I'll have the completed room to show next week!