Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Progress At Our New {smaller} House

Update: the issues with this house and the unsatisfactory fixes just became more than we were willing to accept and we have terminated our agreement to purchase this home, not without a lot of thought and deliberation. But tomorrow I'll share the news that made the decision much clearer. Here's to not settling. 

Our new house is coming along fast and in a month we'll begin moving in! 

After the quick sale of our last home we decided to purchase this smaller one just a few blocks away in the same neighborhood - which is key! I love it here. The key factor that drew us to this choice is its floorplan, which has a layout we believe will work well for us and makes great use of all the available square footage. A grand 1800. I know for some that's big, for others small, but for us it's 1400 less than we had become used to. Lots of smart storage solutions will be key, as well as our ongoing process of getting rid of things we don't use regularly and keeping only what we love. 

It's been fun to watch the progress...

... and top on my wish list was a tub big enough for a soak, with a window above. 
{I have to say I do miss my old bathroom!}

One element of the house that I really can't stand, seriously can't stand, is this oval window with it's dated detailing! My hope is to replace it with the style seen below on the left, the window which is situated on the other side of the front door from this questionable choice. Why, oh why couldn't they have just done that from the beginning?!

On the flip side, I do love the light streaming into the house from all these windows! Above in the master and below in the main living area. 

A challenge for someone like me that has very definite ideas about what should go into a space is the fact this isn't a builder that gives you much choice, or really any at all. It's how they keep their prices down, I do realize, but if I could have my way I'd get the house delivered to me minus the finishes! Do I need to share how I'm not so crazy about the tile, the lighting, the wall color, etc? Happily, that all can be changed.

And on the note of making changes and additions, I met with a favorite tradesman yesterday to start plotting out plans to bring in some character to the rooms, starting with trimwork. This is exciting stuff for a girl like me! It's kind of been a roller coaster like that, excited about some things, and having to take a deep breath to accept others. Like the workmanship on the tile installation, it just made me shake my head! Luckily my infatuation with the hardwood floors balanced out the scale and at the end of each of these days, it comes down to being excited about the prospect of getting my hands on these rooms to begin making this house our new home.

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