Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Let's See How Fast I Can Pack Up This House!

Walking off the plane after a 10 hour flight from Amsterdam the phone rings. 
It's our realtor and we have buyers.
"Just how fast can you pack up that house and move?"

I have to confess it's a bit overwhelming, the speed of it all and the fact we'll be moving from a 3200 square foot house to one boasting 1800. That only leaves room to take what we use everyday and love. Perhaps the timing is great however, coming off a fabulous trip where our family had time to really think about what is and what is not important to each of us and the goals we have for the next few years. It's not about a big fancy house, it's about enjoying the moment and seeing what adventures we can pursue. Walking past the new house, which is under construction, felt great last night - reassuring me that it's all going to work out just fine! 

{FYI: if you live in the area and have had an eye on any of our key furniture items, I'll be parting with many pieces. And while not at a "give away" price, certainly at a good price! Send an email if you would like the list, serious inquiries only please.}

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