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Street of Dreams Portland Style - House 4

I'm excited to share the 4th home in this Street of Dreams house tour series for a couple of reasons. First, the name 'The American Dream' has significance in that this house is a true "Made in America" effort, with 97% of all materials, appliances and finishes, even down to the furniture, coming from American made resources. When you stop to think about this, it's pretty impressive! Talking to the builder at the press day event, Gerald Rowlett of Westlake Development Group shared how building within this parameter required a lot of extra effort in sourcing, a longer building schedule to accomplish this feat, in addition to utilizing the talents of many local artisans to bring in those extra touches. The other aspect of the home I love is that a favorite local designer, Garrision Hullinger (whose work we featured in the cover story for HOF's last issue), was the interior designer on the project. It was great to talk with him and his team during visits to the house; he is one talented designer and just a lot of fun to be around. That's a great combo I'd say!

The specs: This is another large home in the show priced at $2,100,000 with 6,100 sq ft and enough bedrooms and baths to make any large family very happy! In fact this home was built for a family with their input at every step of the process and I bet they are counting the days until the show closes and they can begin moving in!

Note: Any of the photos without the "" mark are compliments of Blackstone Edge Studio. This home has been a popular stop on the tour and was simply PACKED when I returned to view the completed home with my family, making it quite hard to get decent shots of many of the rooms. (And you want to see the house right, not a ton of visitors!)  

Entering the home you step onto tile set in a herringbone pattern (great for wet feet) and are greeted by a view straight through to the backyard. One of the design elements that was particularly successful in this home was the ironwork for the banisters, created by a local resource.

Windows fill the entire back wall of the family room, letting in tons of light and featuring innovative sliding doors that slide back with simply a light touch.

The dining room opens to the covered outdoor living area and kitchen...

... and a large pool beyond. Blackstone Edge Studio image above, and then mine below. See how packed this place was?!

From the kitchen is a full view of the family room, dining room, pool and outdoor living area; a mother's dream.

One clever detail in the kitchen is the "hidden" door to the pantry, designed to look like a cabinet with drawers below. But push, and this is what is behind the door - a pantry I'd take home in a nanosecond.

Moving upstairs, one of the outstanding features in this home is the large "recreation" room with a great deal of thought put into its design. Again, what's with the full house? I'd like to take some pictures please!

The ceilings in this room are stunning, adding warmth and a great deal of character. The wood is reclaimed barnwood from old growth Douglas Fir trees. It isn't a look you just can go purchase at your local Home Depot, is it? The lamps from Rejuvenation Hardware sporting hunter green shades are a perfect compliment to the wood tone and texture.

The metal fireplace surround is another custom feature created by a local artisan, and how about the color and worn finish on the cabinets? This room is made for a winter day, alone or with a large gathering.

Down the hall a bathroom also makes use of the reclaimed wood in the countertop and mirror frame, each with a different finish for interest.

But not everything in the home embraces the rustic. How about this long stretch of built-in storage in the upstairs hallway. Another element I wanted to pack up and bring on home to my place!

Walking down the back staircase you land in the mudroom area, with a couple dozen cubby holes ready and waiting to store all those sport shoes boys manage to accumulate in great quantity.

The master bedroom features a simply and restful design with a beautiful view of the backyard.

And what is a "dream home" without a vast closet?

The focal point of the master bath is the custom tile work by Kuln Mosaic Studio, located in Portland. 

And finally, sometimes it's the small details that most capture my attention. Here in the powder bath off the entry, I simply adore this tall narrow window with black window frames and wide white painted trim, accenting the height of the small room.

I hope you enjoyed this latest NW Natural Street of Dreams tour, a couple more will be on their way in the upcoming days!
And if you are local, the show runs through August 25th.

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