Tuesday, June 4, 2013

DIY Happiness Via A Little Rub 'n Buff

I'm popping in today to say "hello friends" and share a quick little DIY project I worked on last week. 

For some odd reason that I can't explain, I've never been a fan of the strong green tint seen on the edge of some glass. (Apparently this effect is caused by iron in the sand used to make glass, something I didn't know until Googling an inquiry on the topic for this post.) And this tint just happens to be a prominent feature on a Jonathan Adler side table I picked up for a steal at a carpet store closing last year, something I didn't notice until I got it home. Of course.

While the tint kind of bugged me, I didn't give it much thought. (I mean, it is just a table top edge.) Then it randomly occurred to me one day, while placing a book down on the table, that a layer of Rub 'n Buff just might be a simple solution to this "problem." A gold rim around the table instead of the green? Hum, that might look great and can you have too many golden accents these days? I think not!

So with a small dab squeezed from a well loved and nearly empty tube of Rub 'n Buff, I did a test to see if the idea would work. And it did. By simply stippling the glass edge with a bit of the substance on the tip of a finger I could see the green could be effectively covered. Out of product, the next time I was near a Michele's store I made a point to pick up another tube in Antique Gold to finish the job.

I had assumed it would be necessary to tape off the top and bottom surfaces of the glass. But by being careful to work with only a small amount of the mixture on the finger tip, a clean line was easy to achieve at the point around the table where the side met the top surface. You gotta love it when a project turns out to be easier than anticipated. That surely isn't the case in many instances; if you DIY, you know this probably too well! 

And that was that. Green gone, hello gold!

I'm happy with how it brings out the subtle golden brass accents on the table base and ring on its surface. (Though I didn't quite manage to capture that aspect in these pictures.)

It's a small detail, but as they say, it's all in the details!

Apart from this little update I've been enjoying the start to this summer season, my absolute favorite time of year. We are counting down the days until school is let out and having great fun with the opening of a new community center and pool in our neighborhood. A perfect place to meet up with neighborhood friends, mine and the kids. Oh, do I feel spoiled.

Here's to a happy beginning of summer!

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