Monday, April 29, 2013

A Summer Ready Porch

Summers are for enjoying our porches, and I just found out it doesn't take a lot of effort or cash to get one ready for the warm days ahead. (Why didn't I do this five years ago upon moving in, that's what I'm asking myself now!)

Early Friday evening, after a quick trip to the nursery to pick up a few colorful plants, a box from Target containing my new happy red bistro set was waiting for me at the front door.

It took all of ten minutes to unpack and set up. I do love Target... and my RedCard with its 5% off all purchases and free shipping! Can't beat that.

Then it was on to potting the colorful plants that I thought would look festive alongside the bright red table and chairs. Yes, it was an exciting Friday night around our house. 

Earlier I'd taken the remaining primer and spray paint left over from the Target table update and breathed new life into an old planter I had on hand, a perfect container for the blooming lavender.

We've already enjoyed the porch a few times this weekend and I know it'll be a great spot on lazy summer days as the kids play in front of the house. Easy, fast and affordable; the best kind of home update!

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