Monday, April 1, 2013

A Fun Final Day in Paris

Our last day in Paris began with a walk from the apartment to Le Petite Cardinal for breakfast, then up the street and over to the Pantheon in the Latin Quarter, where "regarde le ciel" was written on the crossing to its entry. Max is very interested in architecture, so I thought this would be a wonderful stop to include on our trip, though it isn't one of the more popular attractions in Paris.

"look at the sky"

Could you find a more impressive set of doors? Their exterior...

... and from the inside.

One of the most intriguing details here is the gigantic pendulum clock, which fascinated the kids.

Nearby lies the Luxembourg Gardens, so we strolled through them, though quickly as the air was brisk!

It was with excitement these boats were spotted there, as I'd been telling Max about all the boats that are sailed on the ponds at the Tuileries. But we'd not seen any in all the times we passed by - probably because of the weather!

But enough of the gardens and being outside! Time to find shelter and wandering down the Rue de Seine we stumbled across a very popular looking patisserie and jumped inside.

Hardly a crumb left. Oh my goodness, the BEST olive bread "twist" I have ever - ever - tasted!!

Leaving, with regret - I could have stayed and tasted my way through Paul's offerings - we spotted adorable vintage cars...

... and a street so narrow that only cars such as these can fit down!

Ready for a latte, we actually waited 20 minutes in line to get into the general area of the Louvre to access a Starbucks. (A little silly, yes...) While in line we saw more of the guards that have been visible at the more populated locales throughout the trip, making the bomb threat at the Eiffel Tower on Saturday not a complete surprise to learn of. While we've been watchful during the trip, we've felt safe and comfortable, only once feeling like we should probably move on. That was on a train headed to an outdoor market, when suddenly I got the sense we shouldn't continue in the direction we were going. So we simply got off the train to reverse our steps and crossed the market off our list of places to visit.

Regrouping. Then off for a daytime visit to Montmartre.

Arriving we were admiring the view when we noticed a large crowd focused on another lamppost.

What?! Max being a huge soccer fan, this couldn't get much better!

His act was extremely fun and impressive... and he then took time to pose with all his new "fans!"

Iya Traore, the "Football Freestyler"
(google him and you'll find videos of his act)

A fun trip for sure! It's with mixed feelings we get ready to return home...


  1. What a great trip you all have had: so much to see and do! And your children are old enough that they will remember this ! Welcome back....

  2. This looks like an amazing trip! I have to get to Paris some day.

  3. Such a wonderful trip with family....thanks for taking us along with you! All of your wonderful pictures and sights have reminded me of my recent trip to Paris last January...already wanting to plan a return visit. A magical city to be sure!

  4. This post was such a welcome little 'time out' for me.
    I'm so impressed by the Football guy!

  5. What a fun post! My first home as an adult was in Paris. A walk down memory lane. Love the soccer guy!

  6. It has been so much fun to journey with you through Paris! Thanks for sharing a little piece of your travels with us... and the soccer artist - impressive indeed!

  7. Looks like you had an amazing trip! Montmartre was one of my favorite stops, the view is amazing from there!

  8. What an amazing time and fun memories you guys have had. I am sure this trip will make a lasting impression on you all forever! Maybe inspire you to bring a little more french feel into your decor?? ;)

  9. What a fun trip. I would imagine that it would be hard to leave. Now you're going to have to take a vacation from your vacation;)

  10. Looks amazing Janell!! What a fabulous trip!

  11. Paris is absolutely one of my favorite places. Thank you for sharing the beautiful photos ... Your family is precious!! xo


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