Saturday, March 16, 2013

Nome: Day 5 Begins At Midnight With The Northern Lights

After hearing my brother had seen the northern lights, or aurora borealis, during his camp out the night before, I was determined to at least give a sighting a try! So instead of getting sleep - I can get that on the trip home - at midnight we drove as far as the road would take us. Away from the lights of town, upon turning off the car lights this was the scene stretching out before us. 

(It took awhile to figure out what camera setting would work to capture the lights, and even when I did the results weren't great, but I was thrilled to at least get a sense of what was in the sky!)

It was a bit spooky to be in a place so dark you could hardly see your hand in front of you, frigid with the wind howling, but it was also breathtakingly inspiring. 

This entire trip has been amazing, exceeding any expectations I may have had. At times it was challenging to be "back home," in a structure that has not held up well over the last few decades, lying in bed at night thinking back to times in these same rooms as a child. It's been somewhat like stepping into a time capsule to visit a distant past, the idea of which made me nervous when stepping on the plane to get here. Yet how wonderful to add a new layer of positive experiences to my personal story of Nome, inspiring me to find ways to embrace a little more adventure in my day to day life back home!


  1. It's been so fun following along on this experience/trip with you, Janell. Thank you for sharing your life with the rest of us.

  2. That must have been an experience that made you feel one with the universe!
    The aurora are on our travel bucket list, but I am so adverse to cold climates-may have to do that in Australia.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I had been looking forward to this and what a thrill to see your beautiful photos.

  4. Such a wonderful and inspiring experience. And what a handful of emotions you have felt. So very envious of your being able to see the Northern Lights.

  5. i can live in cold places provided that i can witness this miracle. This is nature's wonder available for us to see and experience it. ~

  6. What an lovely experience..?
    Thanks for sharing your personal views


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