Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nome: Day 3

Day 3 of the "Nome Adventure" saw a slower pace. 

At the end of the day several of us headed out on the road towards Teller,
until we encountered the below sign.

After driving out as far as the road would take us we decided to enjoy the scenery by hiking.

We were rewarded by an amazing sunset. 

Once home I crawled into bed early as I've been fighting quite the cold. But awaking this morning I learned my younger brother took the snow machine to Safety last night to camp out, the final check in point before the mushers come into Nome. Hearing the stories this morning, a part of me wishes I'd gone along, but then again I know my limits! He saw wind chill temperatures of -48.5, but on the positive side he got to see a magnificent display of northern lights. If I get pictures I'll share!

And the close of the day we should be welcoming Travis into Nome.


  1. Amazing scenery. And the Northern lights-spectacular. I saw them once when we were visiting my dad's family farm in Minnesota. I count myself as lucky for witnessing that!

  2. Stunning! I am enjoying following along on your adventure. Day 2 looked to be amazing as well. Stay well and cheer on Travis!

  3. Janell - I have SO been enjoying your Nome posts. Congrats to Travis!

  4. Really enjoying following your adventure. Just curious, do you have to worry about polar bears?

    My niece is studying for her PhD in indigenous fisheries and is based out of Juno. When she was still in college she used to work on a pilot boat for salmon fishing boats. You have me thinking an Alaska adventure would be fun!

  5. Polar Bears, they don't really come this south, but believe me, I was asking that question myself when out on the ice!

  6. OMG! Those views are so cool! I so wish I could be there too. I love snow but sadly I live in Florida. It never snows here :(
    Keep the posts going. I am enjoying to follow you on your adventure.
    Have Fun! :)

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