Thursday, March 28, 2013

Laundry, Petits Dejeuner, Our Nikes & Art At The Pompidou

The day began with excitement, finally figuring out the best internet option while traveling in Paris is Orange France (look into this if you have a trip coming up!) and a visit to the laundry. A pair of dirty socks can put a damper on any outing, so it was time for a fresh batch of clothing.

Somehow it all got done despite directions we couldn't read, allowing us to head out for the rest of the day with clean socks and - yes - as essentially a Nike advertisement. Today was all about comfort and we were the epitome of an American tourist.

Petits Dejeuner was then ordered up at Le Petit Cardinal, located at the corner of Cardinal Lemoine and Rue Monge. This traditional corner brasserie is really fun for me to sit down at, recalling breakfasts enjoyed here with various groups of friends during visit over the years. Just get there before noon. (We arrived at 11:58 and they weren't exactly pleased with our inquiry as to whether it was too late for breakfast!) 

Then it was off to the Pompidou, a great museum to visit while in Paris, offering a refreshing break from all the traditional art and architecture you'll see at most of the other popular stops. It remains a controversial structure after many years, with the hardware and mechanics of the building exposed on the exterior rather than hidden behind some beautiful facade. 

But whatever the critics say, it's hard to argue that the most stellar views await a visitor at the top of the long bank of escalators running up the side and height of the building.


Eiffel Tower

Rooftops... and graffiti.

While inside is one of the best installations of art to be experienced anywhere, IMO!

I've been a huge fan of Jean Dubuffet since studying art at S.A.I.C. and remember the first time I discovered this example of his work... a magical moment then and again now.

You are welcome to step in and interact with the piece, which is really very special.

Don't miss this if you are ever in Paris.That is what I say.

 A couple Picasso's...

...and more invitations to interact with the art, this time walking through a piece made up of rods hung from above.

De Kooning, another favorite artist.

Alas this visit was not free of more "photobombing," and I put up with it. If this distraction helps keep the excitement alive while strolling through a museum, so be it!

I had to smile when I saw this collage of porcelain frames, reminding me of many DIY blog posts about hanging artwork, lol!

And Matisse. Always a joy to encounter his work!

Leaving the museum, I loved coming across this door... certainly would enjoy hauling it home for my house.

The rest of the day saw more random wandering, finding souvenirs and ordering up a cafe creme - or two. After a long day, we decided dinner "at home" was in order. That's when it's nice to be staying in an apartment, stopping by a grocery store to search out vaguely familiar items to cook up a small feast and put up our tired feet!


  1. I've been to Paris but knew nothing of that museum. It looks amazing! I love modern art, and the interaction would make it that much better.

    I'm loving seeing your trip, even the photo bombs. :)

  2. I adore the Pompidou, one of my world's favorite museums. I love that Dubuffet installation- sooo cool.
    Love your photos, like I'm back there hiking the streets and taking it all in..
    xo Nancy

  3. ahhh rue Cardinal Le Moine and rue Monge.... close to my favorite neighborhood in Paris. Used to walk by there when I would walk home from the university Pierre et Marie Curie back home in the 15th. I'm homesick sitting in San Diego boon... Glad you are enjoying your trip!

  4. I've never heard of that museum. So many awesome things to see and do and eat. Still thinking about the quiche and hot chocolate:)

  5. I'm really enjoying your posts on Paris! We are about to buy our tickets for our 10th anniversary. Neither my husband, or I, have ever been. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience with your readers!


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