Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A Kitchen Trend I'm Crushing On & Other Random Happenings

A kitchen trend for 2013 (as cited by Traditional Home) is to introduce a touch of glamour, 
done here by the presence of the oversized crystal chandelier above the breakfast nook table.

If I were going to add glamour to my own kitchen, 
I'd begin by hanging the below classic wheat chandelier, a style I've long been a fan of!

And kind of keeping on the topic of kitchens - moving on to food -
 the below caught my eye the other day on Pinterest.

I'm actively working on getting rid of a few extra lbs that have slowly crept on over the last year as I've sat,
spending much too much time working at the computer! Any inspiration is appreciated, and I have to say I was quite moved by the post this pin linked to. Here is not just a list of tips for successful weight loss, but many suggestions for ensuring you live life to its fullest. Check it out here, if you wish!

Also, my nephew Travis is on schedule with the pace he mapped out for his first Iditarod race. The family is constantly checking in on his status, made easy these days through GPS! So as he travels to Nome the hard way, the rest of us will be catching flights over the next several days to converge at the finish line to cheer him in. Hopefully sometime mid next week.

And crazy as it sounds, once I get home from Nome there will be just four days to get my family ready for our trip to Paris! My husband and I have not been back to Paris since our honeymoon, and the kids have never been to Europe. So yes, to say we are very very excited for this adventure is an understatement.


  1. SO jealous! We got engaged in Paris and that little painting makes me all sentimental. Please post pics from your trip!

  2. Lots of fun stuff in this post! Love the idea of a wheat sheaf chandelier over a kitchen table. And Paris, I was last there ony honeymoon too! Can't wait to bring my little there some day. The Macarons, the Seine, the shopping... I'm totally envious.

  3. Heading over to check out the tips on Pinterest! Love the touch of glam for the kitchen and so jealous of the fun in store for you and your family over the next few weeks! Enjoy every minute!

  4. I used the MyFitnessPal app to track calories--both food eaten and exercise--and lost 15 pounds in a couple of months.

    It is a great tool for awareness, and also to find out where hidden calories lurk. I highly recommend it!


  5. I love this trend - that chandy is gorgeous! What fun a family trip to Paris will be!!

  6. Definitely checking out the weight loss tips! Have a little bit of baby weight that I need to get rid of :)

    Have a fabulous family vacation in Paris! I am very jealous!

  7. Classy! Btw My Fitness PAl has helped several of my friends and I lose 20+ lbs!

  8. Ooo loving the kitchen eye candy! I think every space deserves a bit of glam here and there :)

    xo Rachael

  9. That sounds so exciting. I've been to Europe a few times but haven't gotten to Paris yet. We are going to Hawaii this summer which we haven't been to since our honeymoon. We are stopping in Seattle on our way for a day to catch a baseball game (my husband is taking my son to every major league stadium and he only has five left). I am loving the glamorous chandelier in that first photo.

  10. Janell - Be sure and dedicate a day for the kids to go to Luxembourg Gardens. If you go on the weekend, they have pony rides but the play structure is amazing, the nutella crepes to die for and the general atmosphere is a throwback in time. Also, if you go out to Versailles, be sure to rent the bikes and ride around the grounds. Our son was in seventh grade when we made the trip and the bike riding was one of our favorite family memories.

    Au Revoir,

    pamela in Portland

  11. What an exciting life! I didn't realize Paris was right after Nome! You all are so fortunate to go as a family. I went in 2010 with my son for his college graduation and we two artists immersed ourselves in the art and culture, sketched and walked our socks off. It was heaven. Can't wait to here about it all. Safe travels friend!
    xo Nancy

  12. We moved into a beautiful home, and we have a wheat chandelier (never knew it was called that or that there even was a name for it!) in our formal dining! I've always loved it but hearing you name it makes me so proud!

  13. Janell I love a touch of glamour in a kitchen, I have a vintage crystal chandelier hanging in my kitchen. Totally love the wheat chandelier for your kitchen. How exciting to go to Paris, love it there and would go back in a flash if I could!! Fun things on the horizon for you!!
    BTW: I have a pillow giveaway on my blog today, Schumacher Betwixt pattern in a choice of 8 different colorways. Come by if you get a chance! xo Kathysue

  14. I hope you find a beautiful chandelier in Europe for your kitchen :)...Enjoy both of your trips!

  15. Huge fan of a touch of glam in every room. Paris!!!! So so special to be going with the children. We dream of going back with the kiddos one day as well. Oh, I can't wait to see your pictures and live vicariously through you!

  16. The wheat chandelier would look great in your kitchen. So classic!

    Have a great time in Paris. We're headed to Germany, Austria and Czech Republic (Prague) this summer, and I can't wait!


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