Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What Makes Me Happy: Flowers!

Do you love flowers as much as I do? They just bring a space to life! And so it was such a treat to work with the owner of Quince, Jessica Blossom Clark - yes that is her real name - who runs a beautiful floral shop in Vancouver, BC. for a story in the HOF Color Issue.

Don't these photos make you want to run out and get a bunch of flowers for your house today?

(A special thanks to Tracey Ayton Photography for her wonderful work on this story, 
and to read the article visit House of Fifty here.)


  1. I think flowers are one of God's best works of art! Beautiful store and beautiful post.

  2. It does make me want to get some flowers. I'm thinking this should definitely be a regular buy for my home. I like the idea of framing vintage vases... pinning now. :-)

  3. I looked out the window this morning and two tulips bloomed! Flowers are a must in our house. They brighten a room and always bring a smile to my face. Jessica's shop is beautiful. Think I'd be visiting it weekly if I lived closer!

  4. So gorgeous. Will have to visit the next time I am in Vancouver.

  5. What a beautiful shop. I want to go there.Perfect middle name too!

  6. Such beautiful blooms! That hanging framed vase is so clever! I love fresh flowers and buy some every week!


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