Monday, February 4, 2013

On The Search for the "Perfect" New Handbag

I'm on the search for a "perfect" everyday handbag to replace the one I've been lugging along for a long time now. It's been great, a steal I found on sale at Banana Republic several years ago, but it's sadly starting to show its wear and I'm ready for something new.

And I've looked EVERYWHERE!!

Why, oh why is it so hard to find the combination of good quality, style, function... and price!
{it seems things just aren't made quite like they were, even just a few years ago}

I've looked at designer goods, the quality is there and I'm in love with a few styles, 
but it's kind of impossible to justify the price. That's how I am.

Such as the classic 'Wellington Satchel' in Navy by Marc Jacobs. Pretty fabulous I'd say! 
But at 1250.00, I'm going to have to pass.

More in my budget, and available from eBay - a big plus-
 is the Dooney & Bourke 'Dillen Satchel' in fuchsia. Eek, it's wonderful in person!
Great style, exceptionally made and checks off all the boxes.

I first spotted this fun beauty on the arm of my friend Mimi Inman, 
the beauty editor at HOF, who included it in her latest article:

I was on the verge of placing it in my shopping cart, but then stopped myself.
 Is it a major faux pas to copy a friend in a purchase?!

{Even if I promised not to use it when I knew I'd be seeing her...and asked for her permission?!}

Would you? 


  1. ..maybe in a dif color?? its nice!

  2. Maybe in a different color? I wouldn't do the same one.

    I recently bought a vintage Louis Vuitton Speedy and adore it. It goes with just about anything and makes me feel put together. But the Cole Haan outlet has some pretty amazing bags, too.

    Good luck!

  3. Hi Janell, if you decide to sell the bag, I'd love to take it "off your hands" - warn or not. I've commented on it before and adore it! Thanks, and let us know what bag you end up have amazing taste ;) Julie (b8sfamily(at)gmail(dot)com)

  4. Be careful if you purchase it on ebay. There are a lot of fakes sold on there and they are not the same quality. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

  5. I am in the same boat. I love one of the Marc Jacobs totes as well, but may have to find a less-expensive option or wait for a holiday or birthday. I love the Dooney & Bourke bag. Why not get it in another color? The pink is cute, but if you're concerned about copying, another color would be fine. Cute choices though!

  6. One of my friends and I always end up buying things each other has. It is actual fun and we always have a good laugh when we show up wearing the same piece. That bag is too delicious to pass up, the shade of red is really fantastic. I say go for it!


  7. Fabulous bag and gorgeous color. I guess my feeling is.....if you love it go for it!


  8. "Imitation is the highest form of flattery" (don't know who said that) but you would be flattering her , not copying her ! I would definitely get it - its lovely !

  9. Excellent information and facts. Only real difficulty I was basically receiving was viewing the pics. No idea exactly why.

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  10. Go for the bag. If anything your friend is going to love that you have such great taste! Some of my girlfriends and i have such similar taste that there have been times we've gotten together only to find we're both wearing the same top or pants. My philosophy, great minds think alike, why not own some of the same things ;)

  11. well. first, how often do you hang out with her??? If she would be offended by others buying it why let it be featured?? If you love it for it... or ask her if she will be offended first......if it was her deep dark secret to be owned by no one else she would not let it be published. if there is another color that works great for YOU then get that...but if your first love and the best for your wardrobe is that one...then get it. unless you hang around with her daily and have to explain to everyone that she had it first.....

  12. Hi Janell....I think you should just get the color you like. My sister and I live in different states and ALWAYS show up with the same another reader mentioned, it just means you have good taste and Mimi would agree I am sure. No worries, order the fuschia...I think I just might! I have had my eye on this bag for months! I favor your style, so now I know it was meant to be.
    Good Luck!
    Let us know what you decide!

  13. I have this very same bag in the tan color. Love it! You should definitely get it, you won't be disappointed.

  14. If you love it, buy it. We aren't in high school anymore. I would not be offended or upset if a friend bought something I had.

  15. If she's a good friend, it shouldn't matter. I'm the kind of person that would be flattered!


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