Monday, February 18, 2013

Dreaming of Warmer Locales: Palm Springs

This is probably my least favorite time of year, when the gray skies of winter have begun to overstay their welcome and a few days in a warm locale would be simply amazing! 

How about a few days in Palm Springs?

With its close proximity to Los Angeles it was simply destined to become a favorite spot for the rich and famous... along with well-to-do retirees. Between 1947 and 1965 the Alexander Construction Company built approximately 2,200 houses in Palm Springs, effectively doubling it's housing capacity and setting the reputation of the city as an enclave of modern architecture. 

Advertisement image from another one of their developments, Twin Palms.

It's so much fun to look at these homes, take in the modern and sometimes futuristic designs, and envy the gorgeous pool areas - is there a house in Palm Springs without a pool - that just beg relaxation!

Have you ever been? I haven't and I think a trip is long overdue!


  1. It is really an interesting place. I've only seen it in movies! I am ready for spring as well. had bitter cold temps and high winds this past weekend....yuck, I couldn't even take my walks for long. Have a great week Janell.
    Do Nancy

  2. Yes, I have been there many times, fun 50's architecture everywhere. Hugs, Marty

  3. Yes, let's go! There are many cool/swanky looking hotels there, and some sunny warm weather sounds great right about now!

  4. We spent a week in Palm Springs this past September and had an amazing time. I thought I would hate the desert and its parched air and lack of color, but then the stark beauty took my breath away. I posted about it here:
    You must go to the spas, and eat at Copleys!
    Now I am going to get NO work done. Dreaming of VACA!!

  5. Hi Janell!
    Your timing is funny - we just booked a trip to Palm Springs for Memorial Day weekend! We have friends coming to visit us here in Portland for spring break and I too was feeling the gloom and need to go somewhere warm.....Memorial Day it is!

    Hope you are well....

  6. Looks like the perfect destination for a Girls you there! :)

  7. I love Palm Springs! Growing up we always spent our spring break week as a family vacation there. Lots of great memories of wonderful times spent in Palm Springs. May I invite myself on your girl's weekend there? I'm kidding of course but it would be a fun time!

  8. I have never been to Palm Springs, but I love the modern homes and the warm weather. I have been to California many times, and heading back this fall. This post just inspired me to add Palm Springs to be destinations list.

  9. I haven't been, but it is definitely on the list! I love the images you showed. Just how I picture it to be. :)

  10. Love all those vintage pics of Palm Springs!!!
    Those mid-century houses are my favorite homes ♥
    A trip to Palm Springs is definitely on my to do list!

  11. Definitely an interesting (and warm!) place to go. We went a few years ago after business meetings in L.A. and it was the perfect respite! Also, the Joshua Tree park nearby is a fascinating drive through..

  12. I have always wondered what the allure of Palm Springs is. I've only seen it in movies myself, mostly depicting mid-century party scenes!


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