Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Oh So Pretty! Oh So Practical!

A home is at its best when it is both pretty and practical! 

For the pretty, oh me oh my.
What do you have to say about this chair?

Upholstered in a fabulous mix of prints designed by Richard Smith,
could this chair be any more cheerful?

On the side is a print named 'Time Out'
and for the remainder of the chair a print called 'Bambozzel' is used.

{ha, isn't that a fun word}

And for the practicality bit, how about a grand larder unit? 
I'm singing. Can you just imagine how convenient this would be in your kitchen!

My wishes for my own home aren't quite so grand, but what I've got it into my head I'd really like is a fun and chic jewelry box. Spotting these upcycled beauties at Happy Day Vintage has me thinking I need to go hit some vintage or resale shops for something to pretty up!

I guess one of these would fit into both the pretty and practical category. 

What would have you enjoying your home just a little bit more?


  1. that is the most fabulous chair I have ever seen, seriously!

  2. That chair to take time-out in would do it!!

  3. Oh, yes please! I will take that chair! How gorgeous. The fabric is fun. Bambozzel just sounds happy!

  4. Love the chair, but that larder unit made me gasp! Perfection! :)

  5. I am not normally a fan of multiple fabrics on a chair but that combo works. Cudos to the designer.

  6. Love that chair fabric! yummy! and that larder! wow!

  7. the chair fabric is fantastic...i used to want that so bad for my office chair!

  8. Eee gads, that chair is gorgeous! It's a perfect pairing of two lovely fabrics, that transitioned a very traditional chair into something new and fresh.

    I've never heard of a grand larder before, but it looks super-convenient!

  9. Your kitchen’s larder unit looks great I really love it. Its design, color and what a fit fridge into it. Its excellent. How much expensive it is ? I have seared some online furniture stores but I never look like this or similar like this I really want to purchase this.


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