Friday, January 11, 2013

Need Help Decorating in 2013?

What is it about the arrival of a new year that brings the urge to give our homes a refresh or to make the time to finally tackle a room that has long been neglected or been on our wish list to make into exactly what we have envisioned for it? Even I get the urge... and my house is basically done!

For those that are timid to jump in without some assistance, I think turning to a designer who offers services virtually can be a real help. The rates are very affordable and simply avoiding missteps in the design process easily pays for the cost of this help!

There are many designers who offer this service who I'm fans of, and I often get emails asking if I can recommend anyone and happily pass on the list of my favs. I'm currently liking services of Design Pretty, who recently expanded their range of services from custom draperies and pillows, along with accessories and furniture available through their online store, to include an E-Decorating service.

"E-Decorating is a design option from Design Pretty that gives virtual clients the opportunity to retain out interior design services , even if they live outside of the New York area. E-Decorating is ideal for residential and commercial projects large and small. All you need to take advantage of E-Decorating is access to a computer."  
Oneka at Design Pretty

Transitional Bedroom 

Playrooms and Nurseries

or...a Bohemian Living Room and more.

Looking back several years ago when my family moved into our first home, I was overwhelmed with figuring out how to do an entire home when the most I'd ever done in the home decor department was to select one sofa and a mattress. Period. Really. I could have used some help like this! (Perhaps then I wouldn't have ended up selling nearly all of my first selections on Craigslist over the next few years as I learned about furniture quality, the range of options available and what it was I really was drawn to!)

Learn more about the possibilities by giving Design Pretty a visit here!

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