Monday, January 14, 2013

10 Tips For Aging Happily

1. Don't Let Go of Your Youthful Spirit

Just because our body ages it doesn't mean our soul does...

2. I've Said it Before and I'll Say it Again, Take Care of Your Skin!

Sun screen, sun screen, sun screen. 

3. Enjoy Friendships with People of All Ages

I'm very fortunate in live in a large neighborhood with a great group of women representing the many stages of life. At our LNO and other gatherings you'll find women from their 20's to 70's and it's anyone's guess who's conversation I'll be most intrigued by. And the friends falling on the  younger range of the scale challenge me to participate in activities I wouldn't naturally gravitate towards on my own - it keeps me from limiting the ideas I have for myself.

4. Keep Moving & Exercise!

A doctor I know who is approaching her late 50's recently shared how it is interesting to watch many of her patients age along with her. She says there is one single thing in common with the patients who are aging happily and well: they stay active!

5. You are What You Eat

When we are younger it's easier to get away with eating and drinking the junk... and while that may appear to be the case, in reality it will eventually catch up with you! The body does not lie.

6. Have Strong Opinions and Beliefs, But Keep an Open Mind

One of the best things anyone can do to stay young is to be open to new ideas, the different ways of looking at nearly anything you may encounter in life, and being open to the beliefs of others. This keeps the heart and mind from becoming brittle.

7. Have Extensive Blood Work Done

It's important to know the facts of what is going on in your body. Knowing the exact numbers can help identify any deficiencies in your diet. These facts will help you know what foods you need to add or increase to your daily diet and what supplements might be beneficial.

8. Dream

It doesn't matter what your age, if you stop dreaming about the possibilities of something that matters to you, you instantly become old.

9. Defy Society's Definition and Expectations of What it Means to Be the Age You Currently Are

Be true to yourself rather than outside expectations of what it means to be you at your age. If I believed what society keeps telling me about my age I'm be looking in the mirror at a senior citizen. Now seriously, that cracks me up. I was in amused shock the day I turned 50 and my AARP card came in the mail, and I've begun to notice the various commercials that target "seniors" of my age and what we should be doing. Okay, there is a point to some of it, but if the 50's mean senior to the advertisers of products and the expectations of our society as a whole, then there needs to be some serious rethinking the way these numbers are set. The only way to reset the numbers is to refuse to buy into the message as we age; one that is often not empowering, particularly to women. 

10. Love Someone or Something Dearly

Love keeps you young. Period.


  1. I was recently denied entry to a book club because at 51 I was "too old". They preferred to keep the members under 40. Which I actually laughed at. Maybe they are reading 50 Shades and think I would be shocked (being so old and all) but I am actually happy because I want to read with people that value the fact that I have read a book a week for most of my adult life, and I want to learn from people with a lifetime of experience. The blessing was all mine.

  2. Beautiful post Janell. Im looking at 60 in a few months, and really feeling old all of a sudden. Im going to print this out and put it on my memo board. Just got a puppy, so that will either drive us crazy or keep it fun! It is DEFINITELY something to love :). Have a great week.
    xo Nancy

  3. Today must be the day for this! I just did a post on skin care and interviewed other bloggers:
    And then link to Good Lifeof Design who also did a post today!
    Re. #2: I couldn't agree more!

  4. Love all the tips! Need to work on the "you are what you eat!"

  5. Janell this is spot on!! I am all about resetting the numbers.5o is the new 40 and 60 is the new 50!!!
    Thanks for stopping by my post on skincare and leaving a comment. It looks as if there are several in blogland re-evaluating the skincare, weight, age related subjects today!! This is my 4th blog post on the subject today!!

  6. You have covered everything there. I agree with all these wonderful tips. Having friends of all ages is certainly an excellent idea for all.


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