Friday, September 28, 2012

James Bond is in the House

During a recent discussion regarding this years Halloween costumes it was decided I would be Anna Wintour, my husband Valentino (which according to the kids requires the addition of a more few pugs to the household, Valentino has five I believe...ha, keep wishing away kiddos) and Max becoming James Bond.
(Do you have a favorite "James Bond?")

A visit to Goodwill was top on the list to get the James Bond thing rolling, perhaps we'd snatch up a suit for a great deal. And we did, at only $7!!! And yes, in keeping with the theme of things around here of late, it was big. Way too big.
Which gave me the idea; wouldn't this suit make the perfect Josh from the movie Big?! You know, the closing scene where he is walking up to his house and turns back into a kid, with the suit hanging off of him? 

I tried to sell it, but no one was buying.

So instead this past Saturday after soccer, I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work. 

Just three hours later (I thought it was going to take a LOT longer) we got significantly closer to a stylish James Bond!

 Working on the poses and look...
Add in the white button down shirt, a black bow tie and polished shoes and we are there.

What are the costume plans at your house?

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Designer Crush...Who'll I'll Be Calling When I'm All Grown Up!

Sometimes you come across a designer whose work just speaks to you. Okay, I find it actually happens quite often! But in this case, the work of Interior Designer Benjamin Dhong is appealing through its quiet sophistication and calm. They are the kind of spaces I imagine I will desire I'm "all grown up." 

The palest of blush grasscloth paired with marble and detailed cabinetry, and a peek of the David Hicks inspired Vase wallpaper in yellow from an adjoining room reflected in the mirror.

A bath tub enclosed with drapery sporting green velvet trim, accessorized with a sunburst mirror and a pair of tulip stools covered with more green velvet. And I'm trying to figure out the wall treatment, is it paneling or faux bois wallpaper?

Here it is again. I appreciate the humor of the wood stump placed against the finish of the wall. And the Greek key detailing around the edges of the window covering is a small detail that adds greatly to the overall success of the design.

A mix of navy and white cabinetry just doesn't get much more classic and chic, especially paired with the carrara marble.

Bookshelves don't have to be overly styled to be interesting...

...and a white kitchen with all the usual suspects - subway tile, marble, stainless steel appliances and nickle fixtures - will always be a favorite of mine. For color, bring in accessories and flowers of any color. 

A large window framing greenery just outside with simple greenery placed in a vase at the landing is beautifully serene.

I've posted this bedroom once before on this blog, taken with the restrained use of wallpaper, lining only the recessed area behind the twin beds with a cheerful pattern. 

Finally, photography. It's something I don't have enough of in my own home now, but it can add a lot of interest and spirit to a room. This large photo of trees running down a road or a path, perhaps, brings a wonderful sense of calm placed above a rustic wooden bench.

What would your "grown up" home look like?

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Talk About Motivation!

This past summer I skipped out on my Pilate classes - 
it just made the schedule easier to manage with the kids at home.

 But I'm back, and motivated! 

Why? Look what's coming to my neighborhood:

We are all so excited, a new pool, community center...

 ...and expansive park beyond!

It's going to be so much fun to finally be able to hit the pool in virtually our own back yard. 
Thus, one of the motivations behind not skipping any more exercise sessions!

What motivates you to keep moving?

Monday, September 24, 2012

Loving MirrorMate & A Chance to Work With Emily A. Clark

I am a fan of MirrorMate. Yes, you know that if you've been around this blog for any amount of time! Their easy to install frame transformed my gigantic master bathroom plate glass mirror from naked looking into a statement element that looks like one very large and expensive custom mirror was brought in!


Who else do I adore? Emily from Emily A. Clark.

She is such a sweetheart, as well as beautiful and talented on top of all that. Well, she has teamed up with MirrorMate again for their Fall Sweepstakes, in which MirrorMate is giving away $500 in cash (!!) one of their frames, and a bathroom design board created for the winner by Emily herself to pull your new bathroom design together!

If your bathroom could use an update, enter to win by clicking here.

Wouldn't it be fun to win and work on a redesign with Emily?

{And a big "thank you" to MirrorMate for once again sponsoring House of Fifty!}

Friday, September 21, 2012

My Fashion Deal of the Week!

A few weeks ago I posted about an item on my fall fashion wish list, the Vince Car Coat.
But at just under $500, on the wist list was probably were it was going to remain.

Ha! Until I found a nearly identical version of it, also by Vince, 
hanging all by itself just waiting for me at Nordstrom Rack. And for a rocking great price!

Just one little problem, it was the wrong size. But seriously, after a dozen years in fashion industry if I don't know how to make good on spotting a bargain by a little downsizing, then I should be ashamed of myself!

Paired with my new leopard flats and a pair of jeans, I'm good to go about anywhere.
{the Steve Madden 'Vegass-L' Flat}

I simply adore a great bargain! 

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

House Tour - Lisa Moody of Grapevine Designs

Lisa Moody, the designer behind Grapevine Designs, was thrilled to finally have the opportunity to design and build a home for herself and her family. Tucked away on an acre in Surrey, BC, surrounded by creeks and farmhouses, the property is still just minutes away from major cities in the Vancouver area. What a nice mix of rustic locale with the conveniences of city life.

She chose a bright and happy palette that is intended to stand the test of time...
and her three active kids and the dog!

This fireplace is striking, with it's clean and modern hearth and tile, 
reaching to the ceiling placed asymmetrical to the beams and ceiling lines. 

The punches of color against all the white feels very fresh...and how about the butcher block placed at the one end of the island? How handy, while also breaking up the expanse of white.

Around from the kitchen, a bright office and homework area with a view out to the woods. 
I could get used to this!

The lines of the ceilings and walls offer architectural interest throughout the house...
here in a sitting area in the master bedroom.

And so many details to love in the master bath. The tile lining the wall, the lower mirror at the vanity and the gorgeous cabinetry that reads more like furniture.

A girls room. Now how much do you like that the walls are white while the ceiling is painted blue? 
Brilliant, allowing the Ikea fixture to pop against the pretty color.

And a boys room. Now this is a chalkboard wall taken to new heights, literally. 

And what new home is complete without a laundry room/mudroom, making family life with kids and pets and all their clothes and messes just a little easier to handle?

Finally, an outdoor kitchen and covered area to relax...with a pool just beyond.

Lisa, I'd say you did a fantastic job, enjoy every minute in your new home!

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Power of Fabric to Transform a Room

After paint, nothing can transform, update and bring warmth to a room more simply than fabrics!

A new sponsor at House of Fifty, Design Pretty, offers a beautiful line of drapes and pillows in a colorful selection of fabrics. My favorite are these striped panels below in white and yellow. 

Drapery panels finish a room and the options for fabrics, prints and colors are endless.
A strong geometric print from Design Pretty against a bold wall color and white trim is fresh and lively.

And then the pillows, if you've read this blog for any amount of time you know I have a thing for the 
Schumacher Chaing Mia Dragon fabric in Aquamarine. 

For a quick update to any room, pillows are the easiest way no doubt.


Design Pretty also has lamps, mirrors and accessories
all the lovely accents that make a home special.

Below are my favs!

Pay them a visit here.