Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Good Read & Some Travel Planned for the Spring!

This fall I read a great book, 'The Gift of an Ordinary Day.'

It isn't a book I think you can race through in a day or even a week; it gives you too much to think about for that. But I did finally make it to the last chapter, and can I tell you something? My family was happy! Why, you ask? Because of all the questions the reading of this book had me asking, with Isabella finally responding in irritation to apparently one too many questions, "Are you still reading that book?!"

But interesting, a week later - out of the blue - she'd  have an answer to my inquiry 
about what she'd like us to do more of. 

"Hey, you know what I'd like, if we baked more." 

And as a family we've determined to try to focus less on stuff and more on experiences, one of them being more travel. Over the last several years my husband traveled constantly for work, and so that was the last thing anyone wanted to do with our down time. But now that he's working locally, we are itching to travel again as a family!

As a result, we just settled on the dates for our trip to Paris next spring and booked the flights. 
It's been too long since we visited this city and looking forward to returning, this time with the kids!

Travel had a big influence on me growing up, seeing and experiencing new places. It helped me understand there was more to the world than the little corner in which I was born. I'm hoping that over the next several years, while the kids are still home, that I can provide them with those type of experiences as well, fitting in as much travel as we can possible cram into our schedules...and our budget. How many pairs of shoes do I have to forgo to pay for a ticket, ha, that's the question! 


  1. I love that are focusing on what is more important, plus you look fabulous in anything you wear, so another pair of shoes vs. Paris? hahah. Lucky you to get to go to Paris again! My favorite place in the whole world ( next to the beach). It's true to go while your kids are young, but it is also a delicious experience to go with them as adults, which is what I did with my artist son when we toured Paris for his college graduation present. It was heavenly.

  2. Ahhh, Paris...what a wonderful experience for your children. The best memories are made while traveling! Thanks for the book recommendations!

  3. I agree with focusing less on stuff and having the experience of traveling with your children is priceless. We were hit with hurricane Sandy and all our "stuff" was thrown out in the garbage and makes us realize what is more important. I could really use a trip to Paris right about now! Have great day!

  4. I am taking my daughter to Paris this spring too! We are living in Norway as expats and part of our reason for doing that was so we could travel more. We have already been to Venice and we have only been here 2 months. I love traveling with my children and seeing them experience new places. I hope you have a great trip.

  5. Love your outlook on life, Janell. So moral and true!

  6. Awwwww Paris!!!!!!!!! What a great plan. I am just trying to plan to get home (California) for a visit. Not as exotic but so needed. I do however want to be able to travel with our family more. Have fun!!!!!!

  7. Janell I remember you mentioning this book to me and how it made you think.So excited for your family. Paris is amazing and a place I surely would love to go back for another visit.
    For Christmas I made a simple snow globe out of a Cloche as a momentum of our trip. I posted it on my blog today. It is a bit Kitschy but I love looking at it!!

  8. Great post Janell. I too love traveling with my boys...and I too am going to Paris! However, my trip is in January and I am going with a girlfriend that works for Sherwin Williams and we will be attending the Maison&Objet design show! This will be my first time to Paris and excited!

  9. Oh how fun!!!! Paris is always a good idea! We haven't started taking our kids on our 'real' trips yet...but I hope to in a few years. But we sure love the time alone for now!! :)

  10. I just started this book on your recommendation and I have to say.... I'm hooked. It really gives you a lot to think about. Thank you!!!!


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