Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Holiday Issue of House of Fifty is Now Available!

Welcome to HOF's Holiday Issue

Visit the House of Fifty Website for a Preview

A very big "thank you" to all the contributors, designers, photographers and talent featured in the Holiday issue, you've all been so great to work with! And an extra big thanks to Shari, of little blue deer, for being such a talented designer and basically incredible person to work with. Lucky me. 

To read on your computer click HERE
To read on iPads & iPhones click HERE

To purchase a print copy click or read on android devices, click HERE

Thank you!


  1. Just paid to view it on my pc. Now I'm doing the iPad app:-)
    And of course I'm getting a print copy to add to my collection! This issue is fabulous Janell!

  2. Forgot to say how much I just adore Valorie Hart's home all decked out for the holidays. OMG it's fabulous!!!

  3. No preview there or is it just me?

  4. Nancy, are you on an iPad or iPhone? It's there when I just checked on my computer, at www.houseoffifty.com

    Thanks for asking, Janell

  5. Replies
    1. Nancy, I think that's why. You will have to go to www.issuu.com/houseoffifty to see the preview on your iPad. Once you get there, make sure you click on the holiday issue!


  6. Thanks Lakeitha! Yes, if you are on a phone or iPad go to that link for the preview.


  7. Thanks ladies! Probably should have just gone straight to purchase since I'm going to anyway!

  8. Thank you Janell for another issue of HOF! To all of your contributors, too. I appreciate your hard work, talent and inspiration so much. I look forward to some quiet time today reading page to page. I know I am in for a treat!

  9. So excited to check out the new issue! xo

  10. Hi Janell...just purchased the new issue to read on my computer. How do I open it? I see the free preview but am not sure how to get to the full issue...

  11. Buying AND telling my readers to do the same!

    Go, Janell go! (I know it will be a terrific issue!).

    Hugs to you,


  12. Hi Janell, Like Laura@elegant nest I have bought it for my PC but am unable to click on the link in the email!

  13. The best just keeps getting better!!! I want to order a print copy too. Need one from the last issue to keep!! You amaze me! I need to figure out how to post a button on my page linking...

  14. ZoeB,

    You are to get an email, but a few people have written they haven't. Send me an email and I can send you the solution, info@houseoffifty.com.

    Thanks! Janell


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