Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Faux Fur Neck Warmer: Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down?

What started as a key accessory for my Anna Wintour costume has actually become an item I'm kind of liking throwing on to keep warm! The Faux Fur Neck-Warmer. I found mine on sale (of course) at Macy's, but similar styles are being spotted elsewhere, including Pinterest and places such as Neiman Marcus. 

Michael Kors via Neiman Marcus

(And an asides, does anyone else wonder about the newspaper the model is holding in the above photo? Is that just one odd headline to see in a shot that is supposed to convey "Keep me warm and stylish at the same time on this cool but sunny day?" Just wondering...)

But back on topic: I may or may not look silly, depending on the audience, but can I tell you how divinely toasty I feel? And if you're like me and tend to get cold in the winter, do you really put too much merit on another's opinion if something is keeping you happily warm?

So tell me: Thumbs up, Thumbs down, is this something you'd wear?!


  1. Thumbs up! I love scarves, wear them all the time. This would be like the ultimate scarf!!!

  2. Love them so thumbs up from me too.
    They transform ordinary things into something a little smarter.

  3. definitely thumbs up beautiful lady! I love how they can turn a sweater into something wonderful. Have a great holiday.
    xo Nancy

  4. Would totally wear it. Darling. I am all about if I feel good it in. . .than it's good in my book. I may draw the line if the dickie {sp?} makes a grand return.

  5. Fur is dead animals-- even wearing Faux Fur continues the idea that its a fashionable choice when in fact its just a dead animal you are wearing, likely an animal that lived a miserable life and had a miserable death.

  6. Thumbs up all the way! I love it!

  7. Thumbs down from Asheville, NC. It is beautiful, but I couldn't wear even faux fur because they have perfected it so well that it does indeed look like real fur. My convictions will not allow me... I am with Ava on this one. Thanks for asking for our thoughts on this! -Eve

  8. Thumbs down, there are far too many silly K-followers out there who will think to be one up on the Jones means wearing a real dead animal.

    So thumbs down in a big way.

  9. I am a total scarf addict! I wear one almost every day in the fall and winter months...but not sure about the faux fur collar style. I would say I a"m a thumb sideways" on this! :)

  10. This post made me laugh (in a good way!) - I was literally just umming and aahing over whether to buy a faux-fur scarf/snood from an online shop in the UK. I thought to myself that I'd just have a catch-up on some of my favourite blogs when this post leapt out at me!! Is it a sign?!!


  11. Thumbs up!! I saw one in target and decided to give it some thought on if I really wanted it. By the time I decided and went back for it, it was gone! I'm curious though about the thumbs down. Is it because it look like an animal? Or what? Because people rarely thumb down the cowhide rugs, the leopard pillow covers, new leather boots, etc...

    Maybe it's just me who think like that.

    Btw, you look fab in that picture girl!!

  12. I'm giving it a thumbs up, although I agree with those that have reservations. I would never have the skin rugs or lookalikes and especially the dead head trend, even if it's fake. But for some reason, the scarf thing doesn't bother me...I don't know why.

  13. strange but true...

    I found you and this little post while working on a DIY faux collar post for my little Hawaii girl does a white Christmas blog post.

    I'm linking back to this post now, and am giving any sort of warmth + luxurious comfort + chic style generating object a big thumbs up... baby it's cold outside .


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