Monday, October 22, 2012

Will This Make Your Holiday Shopping A Bit Easier This Season?

I was surprised and pretty excited when learning last week that Target and Neiman Marcus have teamed up with a wide range of designers to offer up a range of gift items for the holiday season, available beginning December 1st, online and in stores from both companies. I did some snooping around the internet to find previews of the items that will be for sale, and here's a few.

I'm a huge fan of Alice + Olivia, so when I heard they were on the list I was happy! 
And then a little disappointed when I saw their design is a bike - though a cute bike to be sure.
Perhaps they will also be doing something fashion related? I hope so!

And some of the other offerings:
Top and dress by Robert Rodriguez

Men's and Boy's sweaters by Rag & Bone

Girl's dresses by Marchesa

Dress and top by Lela Rose

Slippers and skateboard by Derek Lam

Pouches and scarf by Marc Jacobs

Dessert Plates and top by Tracy Reese

Thermos and lunchbox by Tory Burch

iPad case and sweatshirt by Proenza Schouler

And I also spotted this more comprehensive collage of styles to be offered via the blog Style'n.

What do you think? Spy anything that could fill the bill for an item on your list?
Or have you even begun to think about this? Yes, it's hard to believe it is nearly that time of year again.


  1. My SIL told me that her store already have many of the pieces! I was like WHAT?!?! Just from the few you've posted here, I would say that a pretty good amount of my Christmas list has been taken care of. That's IF I'm able to get the pieces. People swarm target when these collections are released which is a bummer. We'll see. I want that black and white piece of luggage for myself:)

    Have you checked out Nate line at Target? I'm headed there in a few to see what the hype is. The pictures I've seen on instagram are pretty promising!

  2. Great stuff! Love the Tori Burch items and that pink girl's Marchesa dress is darling! As if I didn't love Target enough already...

  3. Ha, my daughter saw this post and wants the Tory Burch Thermos and Lunch box, what fashionista girl wouldn't?! And yes, I stopped by Target last night because I wanted to browse the Nate Berkus collection in person and it wasn't in my local Target! Hopefully soon? Janell

  4. That Lela Rose top is perfect!

  5. The Target people are super smart aren't they?! The designer collections always seem to be very successful - the items literally fly right off the shelves! I see some really fun things here - I'd like to add a few to my own wish list!

  6. That Marchesa pink dress is adorable! I see a few things that make need to make my wish list. Enjoy your week Janell.

  7. Wow - I have been hearing lots of buzz about this, and now seeing some of the pieces, I know why! The Marc Jacobs items are my favorites

  8. Love the pieces but not so sure I want to deal with the crowds and frenzy when they arrive! From what I read about the Missoni was sheer madness. And to top it off...I have already seen some of those Misonni pieces at consignment stores...tags still attached!

  9. Wow, such beautiful items!
    My fave are this gorgeous Lela Rose dress and these colorful Tracy Reese plates ♥
    My only frustration is that unfortunately Traget doesn't ship to France :(

  10. that lace dress is hoooot! love it <3

  11. I love that furry vest next to the bike. I am a last minute shopper and only online. I try to stick with a theme every year, just to make it easy :) And many people get edible gifts!

  12. I'm pretty excited about a few of the items. Then again Target doesn an amazing job at making me excited about alot of their special lines they come out with :) I've already warned my mother that she better be ready to hit the Target stores come December 1st!


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