Friday, September 28, 2012

James Bond is in the House

During a recent discussion regarding this years Halloween costumes it was decided I would be Anna Wintour, my husband Valentino (which according to the kids requires the addition of a more few pugs to the household, Valentino has five I believe...ha, keep wishing away kiddos) and Max becoming James Bond.
(Do you have a favorite "James Bond?")

A visit to Goodwill was top on the list to get the James Bond thing rolling, perhaps we'd snatch up a suit for a great deal. And we did, at only $7!!! And yes, in keeping with the theme of things around here of late, it was big. Way too big.
Which gave me the idea; wouldn't this suit make the perfect Josh from the movie Big?! You know, the closing scene where he is walking up to his house and turns back into a kid, with the suit hanging off of him? 

I tried to sell it, but no one was buying.

So instead this past Saturday after soccer, I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work. 

Just three hours later (I thought it was going to take a LOT longer) we got significantly closer to a stylish James Bond!

 Working on the poses and look...
Add in the white button down shirt, a black bow tie and polished shoes and we are there.

What are the costume plans at your house?


  1. Ha! Love this. The poses are precious. I have to say that I've always been partial to Roger Moore's Bond. I know it's sacrilege but he's the Bond I remember as a kid.

  2. He is POSING! i love it! lol
    I'm going to be a different version of the queen of hearts and my roommate is going to be a zombie alice, ha!
    Most of my friends coming to the halloween shin-dig will be disney themed.

  3. love his posing! so serious (: we haven't even started planning the halloween costumes over here yet, probably should be getting on that!

  4. Love it can't wait to see you as Anna Wintour!

  5. In my house we are HUGE bond fans... Every big holiday week off is celebrated with a week long BOND-athon... My kids even have a favorite bond...
    My fave is "From Russia with LoVe"... I just adore the classy cheesy lines.
    Bond... James Bond.

    But alas... My little ones are a jazzy cat (complete with a tiara) and a chicken(bright yellow boa feathers)

  6. Love the posing! I like when sewing skills come in handy in times like those. Well my kids want to be a vampire, a warewolf and a ninja! Thats if they don't change their minds, I wish we could have a theme halloween.

  7. looking at the photos it reminds me of years ago when my son aged about 7 was an angek inthe christmas choir. I mad him a white outfit and a white bowtie sprinkled with sequins. All the little girls looked pretty and cute and my son looked mighty smart in a bow tie

  8. Adorable! great alterations Janell! I miss Halloween with my kids. I always went to great lengths to make their costumes. Have fun!
    xo Nancy

  9. Oh, he looks too cute!!!!! Love him!

  10. He looks soo big and grownup! Love that movie Big. Such a cute scene! Hey are you getting a new rug??? ;)


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