Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer Fun & What Caught My Eye This Week

Over the past week I've been traveling, first heading out to the country to enjoy time with extended family. I have loved visiting this spot - a sprawling 60 acres purchased by my grandfather's bother in 1951 for a song - since I was just a little one. And now it's fun to be able to bring my kids here!

Guilty as charged. While keeping an eye on the kids in the creek from the swinging bridge, hubby and I were deep in discussion over a pesky business issue. That threatened to ruin a glorious day, so work was promptly put on the side for the day!

Kids have it right. Enjoy the moment!

The next day we packed up and headed to the coast, leaving the sunny skies.

This is what beach time looks like in August on the Oregon Coast. No bikinis here, rather the garb of choice is a toasty sleeping bag! (I know, I'm such a wimp...I simply don't like to be cold!!)

But while I was relaxing, I did check in each morning to see what was going on in the online world. Here's a few things that caught my eye:

After a pinner spotted these at PB Teen they saw DIY potential.
Animal toys + wood blocks + paint = fun bookends!

In a dining room by Lizette Marie Interior Design 
a sputnik fixture looks fabulous against the dark ceiling and geometric wallpaper.

And a simple but thoughtful hostess gift idea. 
Wrap a bottle of a favorite beverage in a pretty kitchen towel with a bow...
a great idea if you are headed to a party this weekend.

And finally, completely out of season, but too funny...

Hope you have a fantastic summer weekend!


  1. Wow! I love that mountain house and the lifestyle that goes along with it...the tubing, swinging bridge, outdoor play and time together! Do bears come up on that deck?

  2. Que casa encantadora. Amei a sugestão da garra enrolada na toalha. Tenho um jantar hoje e vou dar de presente uma garrafa de vinho. Obrigada pela dica.
    Tenha um ótimo fim de semana.
    Anajá Schmitz

  3. Oregon's on my places to visit list...those trees, oh, those trees! Wondering who snapped the business talk shot? Love that you caught it in time and kept it from ruining your family time!

  4. That retreat is so wonderful. I hope you enjoy your last weeks of summer with your family. My next DIY is those animal bookends! Thanks for the idea....

  5. Now THIS is the time away I need! And look at you!!!! I saw this pic on FB and laughed a little. I just think back to your pj's in New York. I love the cold a lot better than the heat!

  6. Ha! I have a very similiar picture of me on the beach. Everyone thinks Nor Cal in June is beach time...but you better bring your sleeping bag instead of your beach towel!!

  7. I love those summer photos -- so fun!

  8. I love this post. Real family time! I know your kinds loved being with cousins! Mine sure do! Beautiful place! Have a great weekend!

  9. The inner-tube tumble is classic. I love the looks are their faces. It looks as if you are in the perfect spot to me. Have a wonderful weekend,
    xo Kathysue

  10. What a GORGEOUS corner of the earth...that creek, the land...the innertubes! Reminds me of living in the catskills!

    I must say...your beach time is nothing like our beachtime!


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