Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Just Good FYI Stuff

Here's a sampling of random and helpful FYI tidbits I've stumbled across this week!
How to caculate the amount of paint needed for a room:
Multiply the height of each wall by it's width to get the total wall area.
You'll need one gallon for every 450 sq st.

How to avoid creating the perfect doll's wardrobe! 

Use a dry erase marker on the washer to indicate clothes that are inside which don't go in the dryer.
A great reminder for yourself (or others who may pitch in!)
Via Shoplet

Who Knew?!
Via Kegworks

Have a great day!!


  1. Wow, great tips. I love the idea of of the marker on the washing machine. My husband will also love it since I am forever shrinking his clothes...oopsie.

  2. I will never look at a red solo cup the same again! and the washer idea is more shrunken linen shirts when my son "helps" with laundry! Thanks!

  3. Oh so smart. . .I ALWAYS forget what I want to pull out of the washer and not toss in the dryer. And not so sure I love your solo cup tip. . . I think that means I am pouring too much wine in mine. Oh, boy.

  4. Just snoped red solo cup measuring lines...the lines were not intended for measuring various liquors, say the company. If they do line up, it's pure coincidence, so they say. Just thought I'd share...I thought it made sense tho! ;)

  5. I love the dry erase marker idea! I'm very forgetful on that front!

  6. Oh that dry erase tip is going to come in handy! My hubby will appreciate it as well. He is a sweetheart with helping with the laundry but thinks it ALL goes in the dryer.

  7. Interesting regarding the solo cup lines, my SIL once was a rep for the company, I'm emailing her this question! Janell

  8. What fun and informative little tidbits!! Only Martha would know how to calculate paint! xo


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