Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oh, Which House Would You Pick?!

Sunday evening I attended this years Street of Dreams in Portland, arriving as late in the day as I thought I could get away with (with family in tow) in attempt to avoid the crowds. My husband I thought it'd be fun to take in the event as a date, but the kids would have none of that. They love a good house tour (fantasy house hunt) as much as their mother...oh, they do me proud!

Get ready for one long post! Today I'm showing you two houses, one my family voted as the one they would buy, if we were looking (and looking in this price range) and the other I selected. I couldn't do a thing to convince them to change their minds, but in the end I think they actually got me over to their side. 

House 1:

This house surprised me, looking at the floor plan before the show I wasn't that taken with it. But once inside, it proved to be amazingly cozy and welcoming with an absolutely fantastic flow. A staircase near the master and a second on the other side of the first floor off the kitchen made moving through the rooms a breeze with everything very accessible. And then there were the details. Millwork, and more fabulous millwork, lighting from Rejuvenation Hardware throughout and a soothing and sophisticated  color palette of whites, creams and grays.

The barrel vaulted ceiling had me at first glance into this home, which paid a lot of attention to its architectural details throughout.

A hallway is not left to be simply a passageway. From below...

...and above.

The kitchen was not over the top, but beautiful with classic detailing.

An outdoor space off a studio looking down to the covered entertaining area off the kitchen.

The master suite was striking with a checkerboard grasscloth on the headboard wall, and a stunning bathroom beyond.

A tub tucked perfectly into a little nook.

And it seems a washer and dryer are all the rage in master walk-in closets.

Leaving the master, turning to the right was the staircase to the upper floor. I loved the floor tile and the abundance of paneled walls.

Details add up, a recessed area at the top of the stairs to feature a piece of artwork.

Upstairs bath, classic and timeless.

The upstairs family room slash media room featured a curved wall of windows, a beamed ceiling...

gorgeous bar...

...and stairs leading back down to the kitchen.
Like I said, this floorplan was fantastic, making the home feel cozy and livable.

And back out the front door where a cluster of fixtures made quite the statement. 
I didn't want to leave.

House 2:

Now this was the house that looked great on paper, I simply adored the placement of the pantry, butler's pantry and mudroom with pass through to the pantry. How brilliant is that? 

Somehow, despite taking hundreds of photos, I didn't end up with a great shot of the exterior of house two.

Upon entering there was a handsome studio with plank flooring and grasscloth walls.

But straight ahead was the one of the best features of this home, the family room opening up to the outdoor entertaining area...

...which naturally was covered. It's Oregon after all, we want to be outdoors more than the couple of months a year it doesn't rain!

Off the outdoor area, adjacent to the family room was the dining room, separated but open to the kitchen with a pass through. Loved this.

Such cheerful tile!

A generous pantry with a second refrigerator.

From the pantry looking back through the kitchen to the family room.

But on the other side of the pantry wall sat the mudroom with a pass through for groceries...
...just off the garage. Isn't this just the best space planning, this would be sooooo convenient!

Through a second butlers pantry into the morning room.

The master was not my favorite room, but I liked the bathroom. 

Broken into a few smaller spaces it had a cozy feel, and I liked the brown tile.

The closet? Wow. It went on forever...

...complete with washer and dryer.

More cheerful tile in yellows in the kid's upstairs bath.

And back to the kitchen, such a fantastic space in this house!

Which one would you select?

And if you didn't guess, I was wild over the look and feel of the first house. It simply had an elegant and chic look which was special. But my family was crazy over house two with it's main floor living spaces and access to the backyard...so in the end I had to agree with them. If we were really house hunting we'd be moving into house number two!

And can you believe there were FIVE more homes?! 
One including the cutest little cottage in the backyard of a Tudor style home. More later in the week!


  1. Definately no. 1 for me..

    both beautiful but 1 suits me best.

  2. House 1 please. OMG I can't believe the details and how sophisticated, but cool and uncluttered it is, and the finishes are heavenly!
    What a treat to see.. Oh, and the checkered grasscloth? Heart attack.

  3. If house 2 had the finishes and colors of house 1 it would be perfect. I like the floor plan of 2 - but the look of house 1. Thanks for sharing - such a fun post to read!

  4. They are both beautiful homes ! Do you remember what material and color the second kitchen counter tops were made of ?

  5. Number 1. That railing, the coffered ceiling, and that Kitchen totally won me over. entertaining area and the tile in home number 2 is amazing. I love Pratt & Larson tile {obsessed} and I like that they went local for artisan tiles.

  6. The second house is my favorite by far! Thanks for sharing.

  7. i have a hang-up with both houses - if i'm paying $1mil, I don't want to share a closet and vanity with my husband. Maybe it is just how they build on the east coast, but I see two closets and two vanity areas all the time starting at much lower prices.

    I like the layout of House #2 better, but the styling of House #1.

  8. Call me traditional...I'm for 2. Simple clean living and nice transition to outdoor living. Are you building?? Can't wait!

  9. My family and I toured the homes Sunday and house 2 was by far our favorite.

  10. The kitchen and outdoors pushed me to #2.

  11. I think they're both stunning but I have to agree with your family. The view to the outdoors just won me over in house #2. Funny enough, the thing that I spent most time looking at was the first image. Is that actually a BMW flag hanging over their garage???

  12. Oh, how I miss the Seattle Street of Dreams. You are lucky!
    I like some details from each house but if I had to choose between the two, I would choose #2.Can't wait to see the rest.

  13. Overall, I would have to pick house #1...but I love the outdoor space on house #2. The decorating in house #1 was more my style and it was just classic and gorgeous. I hope you show the other homes later this week. I love house tours!!

  14. This once again confirmed to me that in order to "love" a home, even a million dollar home I would have to build. The first home is beautiful but of course there were things that bothered me..for that price range I want a a 3 car garage and land, the backyard was just too small. the cilings and millwork I loved!loved the bathroom and tub but all I could think about is dang, around that tub will be hard to clean..lol All in all a great home. the second home had me at the butlers pantry, pantry and mud room..lalalala love it..but the rest of the house was just ok for me. Loved the outdoor space but wondered why they put the grill in front of windows? If I could combine the first house with some of the aspects of the second, make it a one story and put it on a large lot of land..I think it would be perfect. We are looking to build something int he 4000 sq. ft range to retire..its shocking how much it costs. but we live in Texas and our house is 3000 sq. ft. and it was not even a thrid of that kind of pricetag!

  15. The look and feel of the first house was certainly my favorite - some of the style choices in #2 were not appealing to me. I believe, though, to feel really at home, I'd need to halve the square footage ;)

  16. I think you meant the lighting in home 1 is from Rejuvenation Hardware, not Restoration Hardware.

    The homes are beautiful, and I appreciate seeing the photos. Thank you. I like home #1, but the yard is terrible.

  17. Can I pick the interior and colors of House #1 and the outdoor kitchen of House #2 ? Oh, and then that pass through from the kitchen into that dining room on House #2. All that storage and buffet counter top on the kitchen side is brilliant! Thanks for posting these, it's nice to see what builders are doing in other parts of the country. Is there a resource guide available for the houses?

  18. I'm buying house #2. The floor plan is what won me over. I like the way it was decorated but since it's so trendy, how long before I tire of it? Maybe once I buy it, and put my stuff in it...
    #1 with all the brown carpet looked cheap. You would think for a home over a $1mil, it would be all hardwood.
    I did love the lighting, though. I'll have to make sure it gets installed into "my" #2 when it's built. When it's completed, I'll have you over & we can sew some zippers together. Or not.

  19. Both are gorgeous houses. I'd probably choose #2 but I like like parts of both houses. Not sure how I feel about laundry in the master closet. I wouldn't complain though....I'd be thrilled with either house! House tours are so much fun.

  20. House one for me!!!!! OMG, that home was gorgeous! and a washer and dryer in the master closets? A dream for sure!

    I don't know, house #2 felt like a house for my grandparents. I think it was the colors in it.

  21. LOVE house #1.. it would be stellar if it had the entertainment area of the second house.

    I would love to know where I could buy those chairs or something similiar in the family room/media room. Love those!

  22. Wow. Tough call. Kinda loving #2 for it's uniqueness. xo

  23. House #1, not even a contest in my book. While of course I would love a little more color in it, that would be so easy to do with all those classic and amazing details that are already there. What fun house tours!

  24. i LOOOOOOOOVE houe #1 and all the great simple details

  25. Lovely views and space planning in both and was crazy for the 2nd home outdoor patio area and butler's pantries.

    What I didn't like was the sunken tub and two steps up in the master bath of that house...major accident waiting to happen trying to get out of that tub and with wet feet.


  26. Definitely loving house #1 with the downstairs master suite! We had a similiar layout when we lived in Texas and loved it...so private and convenient. Also the decor and detail in #1 was to die for...that stair railing, lighting, and all the detailed millwork. I guarantee it would come in well over 1.2 million after you added those upgrades! That said...who wouldnt love an outdoor space like house #2? Looks like a fun date night...kids and all!

  27. I'm smitten with number 2. I think that grocery pass through area is what did it for me. Functional brilliance! Thanks for sharing - I love home tours like this!

  28. Since I am reading these backwards...LOVE house #1! Definitely my fav. Loved the kitchen....


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