Monday, June 25, 2012

Ladies of Fashion

I spied this image on Pinterest and had to learn more, simply smitten with these lady's intense doses of style!

Stylist Elisa Nalin and Blogger/Street Style Photographer Tamu McPherson during Milan Fashion Week

Those shoes...

...and an unexpected mix of materials and textures.
Viviana Volpicella, Assistant Fashion Editor at Vogue Nippon

Tamu McPherson pulls off brilliant color and pattern.

Searching, I found several more looks by Elisa Nalin...

...who obviously has an eye for mixing unexpected pattern and color in a way that manages to work.

Such fun to see these looks, inspiring the thought that perhaps I could be
 just a tiny bit more adventurous with my own wardrobe!


  1. Love how your mind works! Who but you would have seen this and investigated!!!! These fashion divas know how to dress!

  2. Wow, I'm a colorful dresser and this puts me to shame. They are genius's for sure. Wonder what their homes look like? I'd guess like their wardrobes...
    Have a great week.

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