Monday, May 21, 2012

Spotted: Anna Spiro Wallpaper Designs!

Coming across the delightful wallpaper designs by Anna Spiro this past weekend put a big smile on my face!
They are fresh and sweet with pretty color...take a look.

'Round and Round the Garden'

'Rosey Posey Trellis'

Lots of pretty colors!!

'Higgledy Piggledy Stripe'

Available at Porters Paints.

Congratulations Anna!


  1. Awesome designs. I would LOVE to have that trellis in the kelly green. I will have to save my pennies!

  2. Love her style. One of the first blogs I followed years ago. Her wallpaper is wonderful!

  3. So many fabulous colors to choose from in the trellis!! I love the scale of "Round and Round the Garden"!

  4. Awesome prints! I think my favorite is the Higgledy Piggledy Stripe...mostly because it is so fun to say and each time I saw it I would be reminded of the name and SMILE!

  5. Love the Rosey Posey Trellis, but I can't choose which color I like best!

  6. Thanks for the intro...those are fabulous. I must run over to Porter Paints and get some samples!!


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