Monday, May 14, 2012

The Firm I'd Have In To Design My Own Home

If I ever had the opportunity to hire a design firm to help me with a whole house renovation and design project, I know exactly who I'd pick up the phone and call. Joelle Nesen of Maison Inc. I first learned of her when House Beautiful listed them as one of the 25 emerging design firms in the country several years ago. I promptly began researching this local company and in the process discovered I had a mutual acquaintance with the owner. Before I knew it I found myself taking on a temporary assignment, assisting Maison Inc. in their showroom while having the opportunity to observe the team of designers work on a number of projects. Over the next six months I was introduced to design at a lever I hadn't been exposed to before.

It's been a pleasure to feature their work in House of Fifty, the below bathroom included in a story on wallpaper.

The Vase wallpaper paired with a hand painted floor tile and dark trim.

Another project we featured was Bubble Boutique, 
a fashion boutique seen in the first issue of House of Fifty.

My favorite aspects of this project are the multiple Arteriors "bubble" light fixtures in varying sizes hung in front of hand painted panels inspired by de Gournay wallpaper.

And in the new issue of House of Fifty Maison Inc.'s collection of luxurious and welcoming bedrooms were the star of the article 'Finding Sanctuary,' a piece on the benefit of creating a haven in a most important room, the bedroom!

As Joelle shares, "People tend to be too hard on themselves, thinking they don’t deserve this. Priority is given to the kid’s rooms, the family room, the kitchen. Yes, these rooms are important but people need to treat themselves well. There is something restorative about entering a room that is complete and done to your preferences, to slip into a comfortable bed with the softest of sheets. It’s a vital space in which to feel a sense of relief and get rejuvenated."

The designers pay attention to the smallest details. When this headboard arrived at the studio they knew something was missing. One of the designers came up with the idea to tie and attach little grosgrain ribbons at each tuft.

In a room tight on space a thin headboard lines the length of the wall, extending behind the nightstands with nail head trim. I was surprised to learn these were a bargain find, with their standard knob being replaced with this "pin" knob for an unexpected sense of scale. 

Masculine elegance with a touch of manly "Old Hollywood"...think Gary Grant! A highlight is custom hardware on a wall of walnut cabinetry.

For a women, here layers of luxury create a haven. Highlights are a large custom bed, grasscloth in the shade of mink and lamps made from found jars, replicating the look of costly vintage Italian lamps spied on 1stDibs.

And in another example, Sun Valley Round Up photographs set the design direction in a spacious bedroom. More wonderful bedroom designs that welcome at the end of a long day can be seen here.

Ah, such gorgeousness all around...wouldn't you agree?


  1. Beautiful work! I especially love that it's not over the top trendy and has it's own unique style!

  2. I have noticed Maison Inc.'s work through you and HoF before and it is really so classically beautiful and totally relatable. I love those bedrooms, the surfaces, the wood, the comfort level, the simple elegance. I agree, I'd have them do my home as well!
    Thanks Janell.
    Have a great week.

  3. YES, I agree!! Wow, beautiful work! Gorgeous bedrooms, love the detail on the tufted headboard!

  4. All of it is delicious. We just put in some bubble lights very much like those in my mom's new vacation place, love them and anything referred to as Cary Grant style is good for me :)

  5. Completely adoring their work in these photos! They obviously have quite a bit of talent. Gorgeous!



  6. Yes, I love them all ! Thanks for sharing.

  7. All of these rooms are fantastic. Love the bubble lights and those!

  8. Really spectacular. The bubble lights in front of the painted panels remains one of my favorites. Such beautiful bedrooms.

  9. Really beautiful. I love those three panels with the lights in front of it. The bedroom headboard details are awesome too.

  10. Swooning over the gorgeous light fixtures. They are very similar to the ones from West Elm but I am sure they are pricier. :)

    Fabulous bedroom designs, by the way!


  11. I love their work too, thank to you! I could move right in, no question!

    House on Rene giveaway!

  12. i love the bulb light fixture! its so nice and different! having the right light fixture in your home is really important...we have a post about choosing the right light fixture on our blog...let us know what you think!



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