Thursday, April 26, 2012

This Corner Needs A Light!

When wrapping up work on the master bedroom it occurred to me a light in this corner, on the wall above the far end of the settee, would be a great idea. But you know how it goes...after completing a long list of projects you start to run out of steam! {and money}

It's a cozy little corner, great for a few minutes of reading...if I could see!

With little room for a lamp or floor lamp, a wall sconce is the way to go.
Here are a few favorites that I'm considering:
Swing Arm Wall Sconce in Hand Rubbed Antique Brass from Circa Lighting

Single Library Wall Sconce from Circa Lighting

Robert Abby Patina Bronze with Linen Shade from Lamps Plus
Hyde Park Weathered Brass with Black Parchment Shade from Lamps Plus

These are all plug-in, as there is no wiring here and I want to avoid having to hire an electrician. 
I have a clear favorite, now I just have to decide whether or not to hit the purchase button. 

{I'm finding that harder and harder to do these days!}


  1. These are on my bedroom update purchase list, but why do they have to be sooo expensive? I'll probably settle for lamps.

  2. Oh, I understand completely about running out of steam. Sometimes I think my house will never be done.
    But it's important that it functions well.
    I also think you do have room for a floor lamp. Part of the base can slide under the settee. Maybe, think about an adjustable pharmacy floor lamp. Then you will have the option of moving it around the house when you want to switch things up.
    Take a look at HomeGoods. They might have one.

  3. Ooh...I like them all. Lamps can be expensive. I agree with the last comment...take a look at Home Goods before hitting any purchase button.

  4. I love the Robert Abby Patina Bronze with Linen Shade from Lamps Plus but I agree with everyone else. I think you have the space for a floor lamp. I saw some nice ones at Kirklands if you have those around you. They were on sale and there is a coupon floating around too. Good luck.

  5. I've been thinking of going this route in our sunroom, Janell. We have a small sectional in there, since that is where we set up our television when we moved. Right now I have a tall table lamp and a floor lamp on either end, so I'm debating whether I really need to spend the money. There is just enough room between each window to put one of these sconces. I haven't seen anything that jumps out at me though, so for now, I guess we'll just leave it as is.

  6. Ah ha! I have a pharmaceutical swing arm lamp I found at Target that is in my husband's office. I'll put that behind the settee later today to see if something similar would do the trick, but thinking it won't be high enough or in scale. But...worth a try! I'll take pictures to share.


  7. Oh boy - all are fabulous pics! From Circa I bet they are a pretty penny too. I don't think any of those would be a bad choice!

    PS - I know pottery barn can be super out of the question for some people, but there are some plugin sconces in brass with an arc shape that are pretty and probably easier on the purse strings.

    Cant wait tos ee what you decide


  8. I love that Single Library Sconce from Circa. The curves of it would be lovely with the sofa. Good luck deciding...!

  9. I vote option one! Not sure how much the circa option is, but Restoration Hardware has some similar ones that are fairly decently priced. Looking forward to seeing what you decide on!

  10. My favorite is #2 from Circa Lighting. Love the style and finish. I like that fact you can just hang it and plug it wiring, no electricin, less $$.

  11. #2 is doing it for me too. Nice to have such pretty options for a plug in. Go for it!

  12. Oh I know those Circa ones will not be cheap!!! But they look so good......can't wait to see what you decide. Sometimes you trick us and go for the expensive one...:)

  13. The first two are my favorites, esp. the 2nd. Good luck deciding!

  14. I am loving the Library lights these days, Thinking of two for my family room. I have a pinboard with lighting with a bunch of library lights. They fascinate me for some reason, not sure why, but I want some!!! Love your two top choices, Kathysue

  15. I vote for the last one. (Definitely not the third one.)

  16. Love the first two options! I can't wait to see what you decided on.

    Have a good weekend!


  17. Ooh...I like them all. all of them are so pretty!

    corner kitchen table


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