Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Little Treasure Hunt

This past Sunday, after enjoying a delicious breakfast at Bijou Cafe...
(you must go there if you are in the area or visiting, my all-time favorite breakfast spot)

...I dragged the family to the last day of the 70% off close out sale of Madison Millinger,
a long time high end carpet shop here in Portland.

Even at this reduction these were out of my price range, 
and of course there wasn't a whole lot of options left by the last day of the sale.

But on my way out, what did I spy? 
A Jonathan Adler Maurice side table, in my price range!

So in the trunk of the car it went, with a sigh of relief from my family.
Time to get home and go on a bike ride to a big open field.

Max just got a new frisbee that can go nearly forever, so we wanted to test it in an open space. 
The neighbors are getting tired of requests to fetch it for us,
 having landed in their backyards one time too many.

The Aerobie Pro, if you're interested...what fun!

But back to my find. One can not have too many little side tables in my opinion, and this one is just right here.

(p.s. Sorry for the awful iPhone image, my camera battery has just decided not to charge.)


  1. Me likey a lot! Great score, Janell! Aerobie Pro, huh? I may need to check this out for my boys. My oldest would probably love one!

  2. Great score on the table Janell!! Don't you love it when that happens?


  3. What an amazing find! I can think if at least a dozen places where I could use that table. :)

  4. Love that side table! Can't believe it was still there for that price!

  5. Cute table! I admire your bravery to have a glass topped table. If I had one, I'd have to keep a bottle of windex near-by at all times.

  6. Nice! You know I love a finding a great bargain...especially on a designer item! That table is too cute...I would have "fought" you for it if I was there!

  7. Love the side table...I agree...you can never have too many.

  8. Wow, those rugs were beautiful! Your day sounded wonderful, with a little decor find making it perfect !
    Hope your week is going well.

  9. The rugs are pretty!My favourite!

  10. You are so right - side tables are a must. And this one is a beauty (and a steal at that price). I'm off to the thrift store to see if there's a cute side table with my name on it.

  11. Nothing like a great deal to make ya smile huh??? AND...you are right...can't have too many side tables or chairs!

  12. That table is perfection - how fun that there was something at the sale just for you : )

  13. Nice find on the side table! I feel the same way -- you can never have too many side tables. Once as I was rearranging furniture in our home, my 17 year old son said to me, "Mom, little side tables are not always the answer." Ha! I beg to differ!

  14. Sons, they do say the best things. :)

  15. Love the little side table, a table like that can be used just about anywhere I think you really did find a treasure. I pinned the Frisbee, great stocking stuffer for next Christmas!!

  16. Super cute side table! I was eyeing the LeBarge coffee table, YUM... Would you believe there are some for sale in the craigslist in my area?!?

  17. Ohmygosh. So lucky. It's a fantastic piece, especially for that price.


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