Friday, March 30, 2012

Some Interesting Finds

When interviewing Laurie Moulton from house of lolo for a story in House of Fifty mag, I was completely taken with some of the funky vintage finds in the boutique. Found at a local antique mall, Monticello, I decided to stop by this week to see what treasures I could uncover.

The first lighting finds were not as unique as Laurie's discoveries, but available at great prices.

And then...

...I came across these somewhat odd but very unique beauties. Can you just imagine what these shades would look like covered with fabric? A DIY project just begging me to take the pair home. I didn't. I may regret it.

It's hard to see the potential of this pair of very large lanterns, but someone could make them shine I'm certain.

This wheat lamp caught my eye as well, but I was thrown by the fusty shade. Looking at the picture now however, I see the lamp could be pretty fabulous with a tall large drum shade. 

And these...


Can't you just imagine them hanging above a long kitchen island, perhaps in a beach house against a lot of white?

Green industrial happiness.

Ornate charm for a girls bedroom...

...and this pair of candle sconces would look great, somewhere. I just don't know where.

With kids in tow, to get them involved I challenged them to find one item they'd love to take home if they could. Max had fun typing on a vintage typewriter, marveling at the fact people ACTUALLY wrote entire novels on these things. While, of course, Isabella found a fashion find. A vintage Louis Vuitton bag in excellent condition, and therefore at a price that prevented it from coming home with us.

But...which of these finds would you have taken home with you?


  1. I could not have passed up on one of those beautiful chandeliers! Currently looking, for a spot in my master bedroom.
    Funny about that typewriter...we have a similiar one - maybe not quite that old - but my son loved playing with it and could not believe dad actually used it to get through college. Yes dear, there was a time before laptops and i-phones!

  2. Love those chandeliers..what a fun place. I wish I had kept my dad's old Royal typewriter. He wrote on it daily and the sound of those keys hammering along was a sound of my childhood... Now looking for one under $100.00!
    have a great weekend Janell!

  3. My kitchen could use a pop of unexpected color & the red pendants hanging over my kitchen table would do the job nicely.

  4. Great finds! I think I would have picked up that white curve shade. It looks great even without fabric.

  5. What a great store! Your daughter has extremely good taste! The vintage Louis Vuitton would have come home with me!

  6. Wow, you found some great finds! Those chandeliers are gorgeous. I also think those red lamps are begging for a DIY fabric makeover!



  7. What lovely chandeliers - and the wheat lamp is so unusual.

  8. The lamp that struck me the most was the wheat sheaf - and you're right about the shade, wrong shape indeed. A tall drum would have looked amazing.

    Can't get that Chinese lamp ut of my mind - I would have painted it all black lacquer with a striking patterned shade.

  9. The red pendants would have come home with me for a fresh coat of milky blue paint before heading to the beach house!
    Thanks Janell for taking us along. I bet your kids have all sorts of fun on your treasure hunts!
    Have a great weekend.

  10. I never find stuff this awesome when I go out to look. I'd probably take home the first lights because they look they would go in my home.

  11. Those red hanging pendants would of come home with me!


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