Monday, March 12, 2012

Jonathan Adler: Happy & Whimsical Design!

It was a fun several minutes, scanning through the pages of Jonathan Adler's online portfolio. I hadn't stopped by these pages before, and it was a real treat to see such a large collection of his rooms in one spot. Fun, whimsical, tongue-in-cheek design with a dose of sophistication on the side.

DIY sunburst mirror anyone, Barbie style? All you need is a LOT of identical dolls to get started!

Pink, gloss floors, zebra, an owl, mirrored furniture and gold accents...yes, it's a lot but it works!

Oversized Venetian mirror, a mask on a bust...just home from a masquerade ball? 

Catch the profile of a face on the lines of the sofa back?
Fun mixed with one quite glamorous Lucite four poster bed.

Traditional, with touches of the unexpected in the chairs and lighting.

Raindrops (?) as art and amazing chairs with a nailhead trim running down the back.

Too many whimsical details to list add up to a room I'd dare you to resist smiling when entering.

Eclectic pops of color in a beach house...

...and pink mixed with a sculptural lamp.

It's all about color, unexpected scale, a kind of weird sense of humor, a mix of finishes and unique furniture pieces...just the type of rooms to lighten the mood and have one not take it all quite so seriously. 


  1. My favorite is the Barbie sunburst. Made me smile.

  2. Wow, I've never seen some of these pictures. Very inspiring, and I love a bit of whimsy! That Barbie mirror is FANTASTIC

  3. It is all "happy" decorating...made for smiles!!! I love how whimsical it is....but it still works for me :)

  4. He's amazing! Who comes up with the idea to make a sunburst mirror out of Barbies?

  5. I think the Barbie sunburst mirror is fabulous and fun! Every home needs a touch of whimsy. What a great conversation piece. Great post, Janell!

  6. He's my all time favourite designer. Have you seen the fabulous photos of the Barbie House he designed?

  7. The Barbie mirror is fabulous!! Such a creative take on the star burst mirror!

  8. His work just makes you smile! Encourages us to think out of the box!

  9. I love the sense of humor he infuses in all of his interiors. You can't help but be a little happier when surrounded by his designs..... and color.

  10. Wow! That is some BOLD design! What an incredible talent he has to do it so well. My favorite...definately the room with the Raindrop art and those chairs. Fun first post to read this morning...thanks Janell!

  11. I love the mix of styles and elements. Each space is different quite unique - definitely whimsical and color is used unexpectedly in some cases.


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