Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Necessary Repair, Finally!

Do you recall my posting about this situation nearly two months ago? Well, I've finally gotten around to the repair! As you will see it wasn't a hard job, but a task with many steps. 

I never did get the full story of how the rod was pulled out of the wall. However, when the repair was complete I did tell the kids if anything like this should happen again it would be their responsibility to figure out how to get it fixed...and pay for it! (Oh yes...aren't I such a tough mom?!)

Removing the rod and hardware left quite the gaping hole.

Luckily I had this product, Joint Compound, on hand from when I replaced the fireplace tile and mantel while working on the Family Room Design.

It goes on with a pretty pink tone...

...and turns to white when dry. These holes were deep and the compound cracked, as I anticipated it would once dry, so two applications were required.

After this layer dried the excess compound around the hole was sanded off with fine grit sandpaper.

Then the area was wiped clean with a damp cloth.

My goal was to repair the wall around the hole to look as it had before the rod came down, so I applied a spray texture, in sweeping lines around the repaired hole. 

While the texture dried the rod was reinstalled.

Fortunately the lower hole for the bolts had remained intact on both sides of the wall, but the upper ones had been ripped out with the chunks of drywall. So after the plate was attached with the lower blots, toggles were used to secure the upper section of the brackets.

Once the brackets and rod were back in place, the wall around the hardware was painted.

Finally, the last step was to snap the caps into place over the brackets. I'm so happy that you can't even see evidence of the repair!

So, all is well that ends well. But seriously, I had better not be doing this repair again anytime attitude will most certainly be far less pleasant. 

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Plan A Failed, On To Plan B

Plan A: Recover the bench, without removing the original fabric, with a layer of foam and batting, after filling in the tufted areas with shredded foam.

Looking good so far. (I think I was distracted by how pretty the green bands looked!)

But at this point I probably should have taken a step back to analyzed the progress...

...but I'm always in a hurry.

However, when I finished stapling on the batting I knew something was off.

My heart was telling me it was too bulky (Hum, really?! I should have stopped to take a look at the above photo of where I want this bench to go!) but my head wanted to figure out how to make it work, because I didn't want to start over. It irritated me all day and that night I went to bed thinking about it. But I woke up with the solution. I think. 

So right after the kids got on the bus at 7:30 I was back to work on the bench, undoing the efforts of the previous day. All the stables, foam and batting were removed to give Plan B a try.

Which is this: remove the buttons and original material, and work with the existing foam so that the thinner profile and curved corners, which give the bench its lovely lines and good proportions, are not lost.

Happily it took less than an hour to get to this point, so I stopped being irritated with myself that I'd wasted time. Better to stop, backtrack and redo than forge ahead and be unhappy with the final result!

Taking the bag of shredded foam...

...all the holes were tightly filled.

I'm just going to sit back and see how much the foam "relaxes", now that the original material is not pressing down on it creating the indentations. I'm thinking it will spring back a little, but not all the way. I've got a couple ideas about how to deal with this issue, but learning from the experience with Plan A, I'm going to think about it for a day before proceeding!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Where I'm At Today...

Today I'm being interviewed by Pauline of The English Organizer, who is one of the contributors for the first issue of House of Fifty. Now if she could just stop by my house to help me organize a few problem areas, starting with the garage, I'd be even happier! Check out the post and her blog full of helpful tips here.

I'm also participating in a series at Kristen's blog, 6th Street Design School...

...called 'Confessions of a Designer'.

Visit Kristen's stylish blog here to read the series.

And now I'm off to get some more work done on the dining room bench. Progress is being made and I hope to have more to show on that project tomorrow.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Getting Back Into The Swing Of It All...

Isn't it hard to get back to work after a break? And it didn't help that the first project I needed to address was to finish sanding all these legs!

They aren't perfect, but they are about as clear of the previous finish as they need to be.

And as I was so happy with the result of the refinished table, using clear Briwax, I decided to try this product again on the bench legs.

This time I've ordered a can of Briwax in Tudor Brown, which should give the wood a bit of color to help them coordinate well with the table legs.

While I wait for the Briwax to arrive I've attached the legs to the bench, which was as simple as turning them into their designated holes. I'll remove them again when it is time to apply the Briwax, but having a standing bench in place will help when moving onto the next steps.

 Don't the legs look good with the table legs?

Then I started to remove the nail head trim so work can begin on recovering the cushion. It quickly became apparent my goal to salvage and reuse the nails was not going to be entirely successful, as some broke in the process. Amazingly I found the identical style after a few minutes of searching online. What would we do without Google?!

The original nail head trim.

The nails on order!

Finally, the faux ostrich from Calico Corners just arrived. I'm crazy about it! With the bench in place and the material draped over the cushion, I'm definitely visualizing where this is redesign is headed. Now to just get it all done...

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Decorating With Children's Art Brings Whimsy To A Home!

our home

This has to be, hands down, the best example of decorating with children's art I've seen in a long time, if not
ever! When I first saw this image on one of my favorite blogs, Cottage & Vine, I followed the links in Rene's post to see who had created this art wall.

That is when I discovered the blog Simple Thoughts, and lucky for me, I saw the author Paige had posted the above picture on Houzz. Yeah! That meant I could use it as the beginning inspiration when writing this week's Ideabook for that site. (See how this blog thing works, one inspiring thing leads to another, I love it!)

To see more wonderful examples of decorating with children's art and a few tips on how to display these masterpieces, read my latest Ideabook for Houzz  here.

Have a great weekend! Janell

Friday, March 25, 2011

An Interview By DC Metro Mommy

I recently enjoyed "talking" (several email conversations!) with Claudine from the blog DC Metro Mommy, who has just posted the interview with me on her site. To learn more about what is on my mind these days, visit her wonderful blog here!

Busy Working On...

House of Fifty...Coming April 25th!

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Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Hotel Room I Could Move Right Into & Be Quite Happy!

I'm back! And can I begin by asking, is there anything better than being treated well? It's a long story, but after enjoying the first part of our visit at a resort in the Hill Country of Texas in a very nice, but, the hotel staff decided it was time to pull out all the stops to ensure the remainder of our stay got even better.

Seriously, I've stayed in some nice rooms, but I didn't know they came as nice as this. 

The living room.

The dining room, along with a very nice bottle of complimentary wine. Please enjoy yourself, Ms. Beals.

Looking way down the length of the space to the door of the kid's room...

...and from their room all the way back down to our room.

The master, complete with fireplace. There were two.

The dressing room...

...with lovely built-ins. Yes, I could move right in and stay for an extended while quite easily, I do believe.

The master bath, one of three bathrooms. I think they all got used.

And did I mention it had an office? Just in case I had remembered to bring my computer.

Even though this room is obviously designed for a man, I loved its cozy feel.

Then through the far middle door off the dining room was a simple kitchen.

It could certainly do for awhile, I've had much worse.

But have my kids? My husband and I want to be our kids...what a life.

A late night game of cards, hurry up with that snack Isabella!

And finally another day of beautiful views... in the water...

...and a rare moment of simply nothing.

Now it's time to get back to reality, luckily it is a good place to be as well!

But seriously, can you believe that room? I'm now spoiled for life, will any accommodations ever be able to compare? Probably not...