Tuesday, October 18, 2011

P.S. Call for Submission: Who is Your Favorite Talent?

I was introduced to this talent via an email from a reader!
{thanks Mandi!}

Do you have a talent you've love to see us feature in House of Fifty?


  1. Waiting for the next HOF issue with great anticipation!

    How you do it all is beyond me.
    I am so proud of you! (And now you have an organized file cabinet too! (:)

    Warm hugs,



  2. That's a great photo - just shows how a photographer can show us things in a way we don't see them ourselves...

  3. Lately, my talent seems to be hosing everything down with gold metallic paint and rub n buff!

    Can't wait for the new issue! You are amazing!

  4. I'd love to see you feature Caitlin Wilson: http://www.caitlinwilsondesign.blogspot.com/
    She just moved to my town (go Philly) and is about to debut her new fabric line, which is sure to be fab!

  5. I was thrilled to find out about Mayme Baker from the last HofF issue! I have been to her site over and over for inspiration!


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