Monday, August 29, 2011

The Storm

Scott Olson / Getty Images

I trust all of you that live along the east coast got through this past weekend without incident.
 Thinking about you...



  1. I hope no one was affected too badly with this storm - although I hear that many suffered widespread power outages (hopefully not flooding!) xo

  2. Yes, thanks, Janell! Irene turned into a Tropical Storm by the time she hit New York, so while we had some high winds the rain wasn't as bad as I thought. There is flooding in some areas, trees and wires down, but not as bad as it could have been in our neck of the woods.

  3. Thanks for your thoughts Janell! It was a scary experience because the eye of the storm was headed directly for us, but we were blessed and ended up with minimal damage. The most important thing is that everyone is safe. Everything else is replaceable. Puts life into perspective very quickly. Living so close to a coast line you come to expect certain storm damage possibilities, but somehow you're still never prepared for it.

  4. Lots of trees down and roads still flooded. My husband couldn't get to work this morning (Yay...did I just say that out loud?) because the buses weren't running and roads were closed. It's beautiful here today so it's time to clean up the mess. We had more water issues than anything else (and we're not even in a flood zone). My next door neighbors had a tree come down and do alot of damage to their home.

  5. wow -- what an incredible photo!
    Hurricanes can be so destructive. We were fortunate not to experience any of it this weekend here in FL - I hope everyone that had to sit through it are well. Hoping those without power receive it soon as well

  6. Terrible storm. 21 dead in my state (MA) and tons without power. Very grateful everyone I know is ok.

  7. My daughter still has no power, but is safe...just inconvenienced. She said she had turned on a light switch so many times forgetting...such a habit and luxury!!

  8. We were on vaca during B'way show for us :( We went in on Thursday and left today. Sigh. Now we need a do over!

    We also came home to a skunked up house ( um, thank you doggie and doggie sitter)and thick smoke from local wild fires( and a closure on 97/26 and a lovely detour)grrrr....


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