Thursday, June 23, 2011

Before The Berries Are Gone...

Tomorrow I'll have some photos to share of the start of our road trip, but in the meantime, how about some inspiration to get busy in the kitchen?

Burlap and Basil

Just in time, before the berries are gone, why not cook up some delicious jam! It's a fun activity for the whole family, especially if you are lucky enough to live near a farm and can add picking your own berries to the mix. If not, just grab a flat of ripe berries at your nearest store. And then afterwards, Christi from the blog Burlap & Basil has some great recipes to get you started, just click here!

And even better? Bake a loaf of bread while you're at it and see how fast it all disappears...


  1. I remember plenty of summers picking strawberries to make freezer jam... it is some of the best jam you will ever have...
    have a great trip..

  2. I've never tried making jam. We have such a great Farmer's Market that I don't need to.
    As for baking bread... too dangerous. We could make a meal out of warm bread & jam.

  3. MMmmm...Delish!
    Great blog!
    xoxo~Kathy @
    Sweet Up-North Mornings...

  4. The home made bread does not disappear, it relocates to my hips! I love everything home made - the smells fill the house and it is so comforting. My kids are thrilled when there are warm buns and freezer raspberry jam. Thanks for the link to the recipes.

  5. I grew up with my Mom making homemade jam. It was so delicious! We would make it a family outing and go pick blackberries down the street from our house. Trying my hand at homemade jam is on my "want to try" list. This summer for sure! Thanks for the link to the recipes.

  6. That sounds incredibly yummy! I am excited to hear where you go on your road trip, since I am starting to gear up for "re-discovering" Oregon again when we move back. :)

  7. ***... and you can COOK toooo?????

    Sweetie, your ENERGY annnnd TALENTS never CEASE to amaze me!!!

    Happy hugs,
    Linda in AZ *

  8. OH NO...not at all!!! Anyone who knows me is laughing, I don't cook much at all!!! Luckily I know people who do, both for my personal life and blogging life!! :)

    Thanks for thinking the best of me, however! Janell


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