Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Today I'm At Haven & Home

Today I'm participating in a series called 'Love The One You're With', at Marianne's blog Haven and Home.

This is a series about what people love in their homes. With so much focus being on what we have left to do or what we would wish to change, it's nice to be reminded to take the time to enjoy what we love about our homes as well.

And what room I have chosen? Stop on over to Marianne's blog to see.


  1. We are re-doing our guest bathroom this summer. I'm diggin' your dark paint color. I'll have to keep that idea in mind.
    Especially since there are no windows in that room. Why not embrace the darkness?

  2. I agree..we need to appreciate what we have...on my way over to check out your comments..

  3. Hoping over- and PS, still can't believe I just met you in person!!

  4. Going to check it out now - hope you are enjoying NYC!

  5. Oh nice, popping over to have a read :) Nicolex


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