Saturday, April 2, 2011

Laundry Room Wishes

Jane Ellison traditional laundry room

How I wish my laundry room had even a vague resemblance to the one above by Jane Ellison. Instead, mine is simply a small room that also serves as an exit to the garage.

However, seeing Elsa's basic laundry room looking cheerful and inviting gives me hope I can at least make mine look pretty with a little creativity! 

Laundry Room  laundry room

Elsa did an amazing job of making a simple space special through color. And look how a line of red laundry detergent bottles adds happy color! Too smart. 

To see more laundry rooms, from basic to those with grand layouts, read this week's Ideabook written for Houzz here.


  1. *** Knowing Y*O*U, my friend, you will shortly have a laundry room that could grace the cover of ANY great design/decorating magazine!!! (Uh-huh, I KNOW you, and I have THAT much faith in you that NO STONE GOES UNTURNED in your mind when it comes to, as my niece would call it, "making pretty"!)...

    LOVE your new pic, too~~~ "looking GOOD", even at 5:00 A.M. on a Sturday!!! (Grins!)... ENJOY your weekend!!!

    Warmest wishes n' hugs to all,
    Linda in AZ *

  2. love the cabinet color in the first image...also Elsa's happy aqua and red combo..I'm sure you'll come up with something great once you decide to tackle your laundry room..hope you are having a lovely weekend! xx meenal

  3. I would kill even to have a laundry room- mine is kind of like a laundry closet with farbic doors in the playroom/under the stairs alcove downstairs...very sad. On the upside I have lovely blue front loaders but I seriously would give up a room to have a space upstairs dedicated solely to laundry. The paint in the inspiration shot is brilliant- so pretty.

  4. Our laundry room is in the this is one of my upcoming projects! Making the garage pretty and organized! :-)
    Thanks for sharing!
    ps...I received a sweet little package from Stella & Dot yesterday! Thank you so very much...I love my new necklace!!

  5. Laundry rooms are indeed becoming a focal point...I mean I have seen some pretty snazzy ones....and the pictures above are so inspirational!
    Stop by doing a great giveaway, ends tomorrow!

  6. I am sure you will come up with a beautiful design for your laundry room in the future. I couldn't wait to see what you come up with!

    Have a happy weekend!

    Jessie from

  7. Casa's is terrific and with minimal investment. What a great color. I think a gorgeous laundry room is a required pleasure. Makes the task seem much more elegant don't you think? Happy weekend to you Janell!

  8. Janell I call my laundry room the pit and it has been on my radar for improving for quite awhile. It is only as wide as the washer and dryer so it is like a closet but I am thankful to not have to go outside in the garage. I did purge and reorganize the closet in there so that looks better but the rest Oh my!! Uggggly!!! Can't wait to see what you do in yours!!!KS

  9. Thanks so much for your comment at Hill Country House. I am so flattered you read my post!

    My laundry room, too, is the pass through to the garage. Also, it is home to the recycling baskets, the cat litter box, racks of jackets, umbrellas, ball caps, grocery bags, tennis rackets, mud shoes......need I go on?

    Love that fabulous ironing board cover and matching covered baskets on the shelf! Oh I need inspiration and HELP!

    Happy weekend!

  10. I love drooling over laundry rooms. We sort of have a laundry room. It's more of a closet but our old house had the W/D in the middle of the kitchen so I'll take the
    closet over that! Love the turquoise stripes.

  11. I can't wait for this makeover. Not too bad right now, but you will make it fan tab u lous!!

  12. My laundry room is tiny! But I am hoping to add some horizontal stripes to it! Thanks for posting that inspiration photo with stripes.

  13. We're in the same boat, it's nice to have company :) hehe
    Ours is a small room that you have to go through to get to the garage, so Mudroom/ laundry room, But I'm loving the inspiration shots!!! They came at a perfect time :) We're moving on to the laundry room after the landscaping :)
    Lots of Love

  14. The laundry rooms you showed are beautiful! I bet they smile when they do laundry. Yours looks great, and you have the best projects I've seen in blogland- you will make it extra fabulous! :)

  15. My laundry room needs some serious help.With two teenage daughters it's one of the hardest working rooms in the house, but also the least organized.It doesn't help that it doubles as my dogs' room. The photos you posted were very inspiring.Perhaps, I'll tackle it soon. Good luck with yours-I'm sure it will be lovely.Take care.


  16. i'm sure making a laundry room gorgeous is now sweat off your back! Hurry up and do so, so that I can take some notes for mine! =) tee-hee

  17. Mine sits behind a set of door {much like a closet...UGHH!}. Can't wait to see what you decide to do with yours;)

  18. I think with a coat of paint on your cabnitry and a stained or painted board acroos your appliances your room could be so cute. Maybe add a fun wall color! You have a great starting point. We just have a stackables in a closet. No extra space to make pretty...

  19. I love those stripes, especially the color!

    My laundry room is featured in Houzz! I love looking at all the fun ways people have made such a mundane job bright and cheery. Thats what I had to do!


  20. I'm dying to do something interesting in my laundry room - but we have so many cabinets in there and hardly any wall space. Boooo.

  21. Why do so many contractor's think it is a good idea to make the laundry room a pass through to the garage? No space and it's always dirty... not an ideal place for clean clothes. I too wish I had a better laundry room. We have a beautiful home and basically what is a small walk-in closet for a laundry room. :-( Love the first pic by the way.


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