Friday, January 21, 2011

An Award Has Been Going Around...

Like a chain letter, but most certainly nicer, an award has been jumping around blogland. Here are the wonderful bloggers who have passed it on to me:

Marianne at Style For Living

Barbara at the Hampton Hostess

Thanks ladies!

Now to the rules: State 7 random things about yourself that people may not know, and then pass it on to 7 others.

Passing it on is easy, I could go on and on about all the blogs I read and enjoy and learn from. The sharing random thoughts about myself, not so much. So I've run those together in a quickie just feels odd to share tidbits in this fashion, not related to some topic in a post!

1) Well, as a firm believer you can't do it all, (at one time anyway) to make room for new ventures I've stopped taking on client design work. 2) At one point I thought I would pursue a career in music. 3) I worked in a fisheries for seven summers to pay for college: wet, stinky, cold and somehow, strangely, a lot of fun. 4) I do not like the cold. And while I love where I live, this time of year I search real estate listings in warmer climates, just to make it worse? 5) I work fast, I move fast, it seems the older I get the faster I move. If it were the opposite I'd be concerned. 6) Blogging has actually changed my life. When I stop to think about that fact it seems very bizarre. 7) Yes, the rumor is true. I do wake up at 5 a.m. to find time to catch up on emails and blogs before the kids get up. I have found a great many new blogs that I wish I had even more time to read.

Which leads to the passing it on part. Here are seven of these recently discovered blogs, they definitely deserve to receive this Stylish Blogger Award. Enjoy!

Stefanie at anna and blue paperie writes a wonderful blog and designs the most adorable stationery, gift cards, party decor and more!

Kristen at Cottage Modern is a designer specializing in kitchen and bath remodels and recently redid her own must check out the before and afters on her blog. It will offer up hope to anyone with a kitchen well past its prime!

DIY by Design

Judy from DIY by Design is a talented blogger who shares wonderful projects she is tackling in her home. I know if she lived down the street from me we'd be great friends...and shopping buddies on the hunt for a great find!

Modern Country Style

Sarah lives in England and is doing wonders transforming her English Edwardian home full of charm and quirky character. I would like to meet her, most certainly!

pink wallpaper

Shannon at pink wallpaper sells the best pieces of fabric through her blog, click on 'the designer's attic' button on the sidebar. Also, if you are a mom read her latest post, "I Try". I know a lot of us can relate!


Autumn from design*dump offers up inspiring posts with a really sharp eye, which makes sense when you look at the collection of rooms she and her contractor husband have produced together. What a talented team!

And finally, let me close with another outstanding kitchen renovation. Lisa just posted the final results of the work she and her guy did on their kitchen. What amazes me most, apart from the fact it is gorgeous, is the amount of inventive thinking and work they put into this project to make it a success.

And now back to the regular programming schedule...coming up tomorrow: Bedding Trends, my latest Ideabook for Houzz. I'll be curious to hear if you give these trends a thumbs up or thumbs down!


  1. Oh, Janell...thank you! This means such a lot coming from you. It's always such a pleasure coming to your feels strange (and lovely) to think that you enjoy coming to mine.

    *awestruck and blushing*

    It's really nice to hear more about you. Fisheries....? Nice. :-)


  2. Congrats on your award and I loved reading your list- the fisheries thing is too funny:) And thanks for these links- I know some, but not all so will look forward to reading.

  3. It's always nice to learn a few new things about your favorite bloggers. I would never have guessed how you paid your way through college!

    I'll be sure to check out the blogs you mentioned, some of which I'm not familar.

    Have a great weekend Janell.

  4. Janell--thank you so much for this--what a wonderful Friday morning surprise, and like Sarah said, it means so much coming from you. You've done so much for me this week in driving traffic to my blog, and I can't thank you enough for helping out the "new girl on the block". Have a great weekend!


  5. Congratulations and always love learning more about the person behind the blog - instead of waking up early I seem to be going to bed later and later. Looking forward to visiting all these new sites!

  6. Janell, thank you!
    It's so sweet of you to pass this along to me and I'm beyond flattered! Your blog is such a daily inspiration to me and the fact that you visit my little blog often and leave such lovely comments means so much to me.
    Lisa xo

  7. Thank you so much for the award. Coming from you it means so much. I look forward each day to reading your blog. I find your posts so inspiring. I do feel like I know you and I'm sure we'd be friends if we lived closer. I loved hearing that you move fast and do everything fast. That is so much like me. I accomplish more in a day than most people do in a week. It sounds like you are the same. Thanks again for the award and for your awesome blog. I hope to someday meet you in person.

  8. thank you janell! i appreciate the sweet award.
    i was thrilled to learn that i am not the only one who finds solace in the real estate listing of sunny, warm places during the winter months! i also like to go to tripadvisor and plan fake vacations that i can't afford!
    i am really excited for all of your new adventures, and so glad i can tag along and enjoy the inspiration!
    have a happy, happy weekend.

  9. Congratulations on the award. It was fun reading a few things about you.
    I guess you won't be moving here anytime soon. It's 5 degrees below zero right now.

  10. Congrats on the award and thanks for the introduction to some new (to me) blogs! Have a great weekend.

  11. A well deserved honor!thanks for the heads up on the other blogs. It's so nice of you to share the love.

  12. This is too funny - I just posted this morning and passed this award on to you. Looks like I'm not the only one who thinks you're fabulous! :) Congrats on the much-deserved award!

  13. Janell,

    Thanks so much for The Stylish Blog Award. You made my day! I love your blog with all of the beautiful and inspirational ideas. It is one of my first reads every day!

    I originally found your beautiful work on HDTV when you posted your kitchen renovation and have been following you ever since.

    Thanks again!
    Stefanie - anna and blue paperie

  14. Hi Janell,
    Love your blog. Always have. Any award is well deserved!! I love the new look too. I featured you in my post today ~ njust thought you should know :)
    Paula Grace ~

  15. Loved learning more about you! Living in Seattle, I can relate to dreaming about warmer climates. They say the rain is going to stop today, so bring on the sunshine! I feel like I live in a bat cave this time of year. I need to see the sun! Enjoy your weekend!

  16. You deserve the award! Will you be in NY anytime soon...would love to meet!

  17. Yes, Blogfest in May!! Are you attending? Anyone else? It should be a great time! Janell

  18. I love knowing more about you personally...thanks for sharing, janell!

  19. janell!! thank you so much!! i'm a flattered :) i hope you are having a wonderful weekend.

  20. Well deserved, Janell!

    How fun with your "fishy background"! And I don't know how many times I have thought about you already typing away at 5 am in the morning! Where do you get all your energy from? You are amazing.

    ox, Mon


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