Friday, December 31, 2010

Here's To A Great 2011!

Here's to a wonderful evening of celebrating! What do you have planned for the night?

We are taking a low key approach, heading down the street to enjoy an "East Coast New Years Eve" with several families and all the kids. We'll be ringing in 2011 three hours early, to accommodate the younger kids schedules! I am so appreciative of having many wonderful friends in my neighborhood...and I am also surprised and delighted by all the friends that come by to visit me at this blog each week. Thank you a million times over! Do you know that it would not be one ounce of fun to write this blog without you? And all the projects I take on would not be nearly as satisfying to tackle, not having you to share them with. So thank you for spending a bit of your busy day to check in. I absolutely, completely, appreciate it.

Here's to a great 2011 and all that is in store!
Happy New Year...Janell

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Seattle Road Trip: Cool Swims, Pike Place Market & The Picasso Exhibit

Early this week we took a quick trip up the road to Seattle to see friends, the Picasso Exhibit, sites and to enjoy some pool time.

Wait, it's December. This fact stopped me, but not the kids.

A pool deck with city atmosphere and the soothing sounds of a passing...train?!

Okay, enough of that. Get in the water to warm up, please!

Of course, is a visit to Seattle complete without a trip to the first Starbucks...

...or Le Panier's for some delicious pastries?

Then across the street to the Market.

I wish this spot was closer to home, what an unbelievable selection of seafood.

Heading up the hill to Daiso Japan, Isabella gets her hands on the camera.

A favorite stop! The "Japanese dollar store" with endless fun finds.

I made sure to pick up a pack of these for my next stenciling project.
The price was right.

Next, a bit of culture. Visiting SAM and the Picasso exhibit made me miss Chicago and all the time spent at the Art Institute...a trip to that city this summer would certainly be a treat.

Finally, a great bite before hitting the road. Beecher's makes the Best tomato soup and grilled panini sandwiches...ever.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of a brief visit to the great city of Seattle!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Favorite DIY Projects From 2010

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As I continued to take time off with family and friends,
here is a recap of some of my favorite DIY projects completed this past year.

...and the wall they ended up on.

Coming up tomorrow: photos from a mini road trip...
I certainly hope you are getting some extra time off as well!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Revisiting Projects Of 2010: Home Office Redesign

While I take some time off with my family this week, I thought it would be fun to revisit some of the projects completed in 2010! Here is the Home Office Redesign and a rundown of the DIY projects and best finds that went into its design.

Creating a space for the man of the house.

Photos by Mrs. Limestone & A Vintage Inspired Clock from Target

The graphic Jorun rug from Ikea anchors the design.

Making Drapery Panels (from Calico Corners Turkestan!)

Painting the Walls a dark and moody color: SW 7026 Griffin

Finding room for the husband's favorite things.

Making a $29 clearance Home Depot light fixture look designer...
with spray paint.

Refinishing a Cabinet that was once in my Grandfather's wood shop.

Final Details: Desk Lamp and an Old Scoop Chalk Holder

Revisiting this room design has me excited about all the plans I have in store for 2011!