Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Making A Basic Duvet Cover...Cutting Is The Hardest Part!

Making a duvet is really not that hard. The most difficult part is simply getting the fabric cut correctly and handling the large amount of fabric while sewing!

Begin by determining the required finished dimensions for the duvet. Here it needed to measure 98 inches wide by 88 inches long, so four equal lengths of fabric were cut, each measuring 93 1/2 inches long by 52 inches wide.

Afterwards two of these lengths were cut in half, length wise, creating four pieces measuring 93 1/2 inches long by 26 inches wide.

Next, one 26 inch wide length was placed on each side of the 52 inch wide length, right sides together, and stitched in place using a one inch seam allowance. Note: The same or a contrasting fabric can be used for the underneath layer of the duvet.

Before sewing the two panels together, a finished edge was created along the bottom edge of each panel by turning up the fabric 1/2 inch and stitching in place.

The two panels were then pinned and sewn, right sides together. The top and side seams were sewn with one inch seam allowances and the bottom edge with a four inch seam allowance, leaving an approximately three foot opening at the center bottom edge.

Ribbon lengths were pinned and sewn into place at each corner, creating ties to secure the comforter in place.

It is no picnic handling this vast amount of fabric while sewing...but luckily there isn't much sewing required!

After stitching the two panels together, the seams were pressed open and the fabric turned right side out. To create a closure at the bottom opening, four buttonholes were sewn on one side of the four inch seam allowance and buttons sewn on the opposite seam allowance. Finally the comforter was inserted and secured in place by slipping the ribbon through the loops found on the comforter corners.

The duvet turned out great, but once it was placed on the bed it looked a bit plain! I had opted for a simple duvet design as the fabric on the headboard wall provides all the pattern the room really needs, and I didn't want the bedding to compete with it. Still, the duvet needed something.

To remedy the situation I added a strip of ivory trim along the top edge, on the underside of the duvet. Placing it on this side allows the trim to show when the top duvet edge is turned back. Ideally I would have figured this design solution out prior to getting so far along in the project! While it was a complete pain, backtracking to add the trim was definitely worth the effort.

Next, I'll show how the throw layered over the duvet at the foot of the bed was made. Here's a tiny sneak peek of the blanket in the photo above...I just love the sparkle and bit of texture it adds to the mix of bedding!

Monday, November 29, 2010

I Do Believe The Master Bedroom Will Be Complete This Week!

By the end of the week the Master Bedroom Redesign should be done! About time I'd say. The redesign began in early summer with the Upholstered Headboard Wall and Lamp Makeover projects. A great start but then I had to move on to other DIY projects I had committed to doing, writing tutorials on them for HGTV.com.

This past week I cut and sewed the duvet, adding a band of trim along the top edge. The above photos show a preview and the ties being sewn in to hold the comforter in place. I'll post a tutorial on this project tomorrow.

I also made a throw to layer over the duvet...loving this! Texture on one side and a metallic thread accent on the other.

It was sewn Saturday night during a slow evening at home. My husband and Max were watching a football game, Isabella was making some pretty candies and I sewed. Oops, do you see just a few problems here? Pieces of Wilton candy melts and a glass of red wine are just sitting there waiting to spill on the sewing project! Yikes. The wine was moved and I finished up quickly before any spills could happen...I'll post more on this project in a couple days.

Finally, to complete the design, I wanted to find a blue gray fabric to make an additional pair of pillows for the bed and settee. Such a fabric would help tie in the tones seen on the DIY Canvas Art and DIY Architectural Letters to the design.

Look what I found on the clearance table at Joann Fabrics! Perfect. Not only are the colors just right but the fabric also has a wonderful metallic thread running through it. While making these pillows I plan to add trim along the edges and sew in invisible zipper closures. A reader asked why I never use zippers on my pillows. I thought about it for a moment and remembered a story from when I manufactured a line of clothing, realizing I may actually have zipper trauma! I plan to overcome this and tackle pillows with zippers later this week, of course I'll post about it all!

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Friday, November 26, 2010

This Week's Ideabook On Houzz: The New Old Bathroom

With the high cost of renovating a bath or building one from scratch in a new home, it is best to avoid design choices that will appear dated within a few years. One approach is to select fixtures, tile, hardware and finishes that have become proven classics over the years and incorporate them in a bathroom design with a modern attitude and updated function. Trend elements can still find their way into the design through paint and accessories or slight twists on the classic selections.

bstudiobfg.com traditional bathroom
Bockman Forbes + Glasgow, Architecture + Design

Traditional wainscoting, basketweave mosaic floor tile, nickel fixtures and neutral colors can be dramatic and modern when a stylish venetian mirror is thrown into the mix.

To read the entire Houzz Ideabook and see more bathrooms incorporating modern while using classic design elements click here.

Have a great weekend! Ours includes decorating the tree, what about yours? Janell

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Day Thanks

Have The Most Wonderful Thanksgiving Day...

Thanksgiving Tables eclectic dining room
Innervisions Interior Design, Marie Grabo

...and thank you for taking time out of your day to read this blog. It is so very appreciated! Janell

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Today I'm At House Of Turquoise!

I adore the blog 'House of Turquoise' and was delighted when Erin asked if I would be a guest blogger. Today I'm sharing how I've used turquoise in my home, click here to read the post and visit her blog.

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Now I'm off to begin preparations for Thanksgiving dinner. Our family was at the beach the last several days, so I am just a bit behind! How about you, are you ready?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Little Beach Time & Looking For Your Input!

Yes, I probably should be home shopping and prepping for the big Thanksgiving celebration on Thursday...but instead my family has been chilling at the coast for the last few days. Don't be envious, there will be some big time scrambling going on tomorrow to make up for lost time!

On another note, I've been playing around with the idea of writing an online newsletter or a small eMagazine. People have inquired if this is something I might consider doing, but it was only when I realized this could potentially expand the range of topics beyond home design that it became a really interesting concept.

I have ideas about what content I would enjoy featuring, but I really want to hear your ideas. Would you subscribe and what would you be interested in reading about in this format? Let me know!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Stella & Dot...Great Gift Ideas & A Giveaway!

This past weekend I wrote out my gift list, selecting a few styles of Stella & Dot to give to the "jewelry" people on the list. FUN!

Then I thought, why not host another Stella & Dot Giveaway to help one winner select a gift or two for someone on their list this holiday season? And so I'm giving away a $75 gift certificate to spend at my Stella & Dot e-Boutique!

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Here are a couple of my favorite picks...

This Holiday Gift Stella & Dot Giveaway ends next Monday, November 29th, at midnight pst. The winner will be selected by random.org and announced the following day.

Good luck! Janell

Saturday, November 20, 2010

This Week's Ideabook On Houzz: Kitchen Nooks

Who doesn't love a great kitchen nook! They are probably one of the most used corners in a home, and while some people think of them as a space where a table is placed in front of a built-in bench, in many homes it is simply a table placed within a kitchen area.

|| C O B U R N - A R C H I T E C T U R E || contemporary dining room
Coburn Architecture

In this nook a long oval table is perfectly tucked into a smaller space, maximizing the number of chairs that can be comfortably placed here. The pale yellow chairs are practically the only color seen, brightening the room and looking lovely against the gray floors, white walls and cabinetry. The accent point of the design is the large collection of photographs, all framed in black.

To see more outstandingly stylish kitchen nooks, both built-in and free standing, see my entire Houzz Ideabook here.

Have a wonderful weekend! Janell

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Friday, November 19, 2010

Kitchen Nook Art & Chalkboard Wall - Ready For Use

When I saw this latest painting by Max I was excited, knowing it was just right for the kitchen nook wall. I asked him if I could hang it here. Can you believe he looked at me and said, "No, it's for sale."

Oh. Can I buy it?

After giving it some serious thought he replied, "Hum...okay. It's $5.99."

Wow, really? And off I went to get my wallet. I was actually relieved I could afford it because it had to be hung on this wall!

I have a plan to add simple frames around these canvases, though with the holidays here I probably won't get around to that DIY project until the first of the year. There are probably a dozen canvases in our home that will look even better once a thin slice of trim is added around the edges. Of course I'll be sure to post a tutorial.

The stripe running up the wall really works here, visually anchoring the corner and relating to the bands of brown accenting the drape edges. The brown chalkboard paint color, Strong Addiction from Hudson Paint, coordinates beautifully with the roman shade and drapery fabrics.

This may be my last project for awhile, with Thanksgiving next week, though the fabric for the master bedroom duvet just arrived! Shoot. Perhaps the following week I'll get to it. With the completion of the duvet and a couple additional pillows that project will be done, I really can hardly wait.

Also, look for my latest Houzz Ideabook tomorrow, which interestingly features kitchen nooks. You may spot a nook I got a bit of inspiration from!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Kitchen Nook Art & Chalkboard Wall

I still love the result of the chalkboard art wall in my husband's home office! It's an interesting mix of these two approaches to dressing up a wall. And while I have been thinking of hanging art on the wall behind the kitchen nook table, it wasn't until I got the idea to paint a chalkboard stripe to frame the art did I get inspired to move the project forward.

I began by ordering a can of Strong Addiction from Hudson Paint. What a great name, referring to the color of a strong cup of coffee! And how fitting, as the one piece of artwork I knew I wanted to hang here was the I Love You Blogs and Coffee print by Jen Ramos.

After testing a spot of color on the wall, which looked so strong I had second thoughts, I taped out the stripe. I have to tell you, my husband had his doubts as well, but I reminded him (and myself!) that the chalk rubbed over the surface would soften the color significantly.

Next the wall was painted. I had thought about just painting a rectangle underneath the window, rather than running the paint all the way up from the baseboard to the window casing and up to the ceiling. However, I thought the tall sweep of color would feel less "chopped up" and help unify the window and future artwork.

Ah...much better, it is already less harsh.

A bit of rubbing followed by wiping and then deciding what art to hang. It's still a work in progress...I'll show you where it lands tomorrow.