Thursday, September 30, 2010

My Segment On The Nate Berkus Show Airs Today!

Waiting in the Green Room...

...getting directions from the producer and stage manager.

Check out my appearance on the Nate Berkus Show today.
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(Don't's a brief three minutes!)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Interview That Inspired The Big Boy's Bedroom Design & The Final Result



Prior to beginning work on Max's bedroom I decided it would be fun to "interview" him and collect his ideas for the room. I always do this with my clients, so why not him? Looking back I think it is very interesting to see how his input was incorporated into the room design! Here is some what he had to say:

Mom/Designer: "What are your favorite colors?"

Max/Client: "Black is my favorite color and it might be yellow in the future."

Mom/Designer: "Is there anything you don't like about your room in its current condition?"

Max/Client: "That the walls are plain."

Mom/Designer: "Okay. How do you like a room to look?"

Max/Client: "Hum, like...not plain. I like them designed."

Mom/Designer: "What do you like to do in your room?"

Max/Client: "Sleep."

Mom/Designer: "Yes, that makes sense. Is there anything else you like to do, or would like to be able to do in your room?"

Max/Client: "Read. Look at artwork. Make artwork."

Mom/Designer: "Is there anything we can bring into the room for these activities?"

Max/Client: "Chalkboard. C-H-A-....I don't know how to spell it."

Mom/Designer: "Is there anything else you would like to see added to the room?"

Max/Client: "Hum, yeah, a map on the wall, anywhere."

Mom/Designer: "Do you have a favorite interior design style?"

Max/Client: "Real."

While we were doing the interview I got a call, he wanted to get on the phone and this is what he said: "I'm doing this boring interview with my mom..."

Ha! He loves his bedroom, so I think even he would now agree the time spent talking to me about the design was worth it!

an Ikea challenge, creating a designer room on a budget

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for the reason behind this recap of the Big Boy's Bedroom!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chic & Functional Home Offices From Houzz

"I am happy to share that I've been asked to write a second Ideabook for Houzz each week, in addition to the Ideabook I've been posting on Saturdays. I'm not sure if I will post all of the second Ideabooks here on my blog, but they may become an extra post during the week in addition to my regular posts. Do you have an opinion on this? Let me know and here is the latest:"

The modern work environment is seeing more and more people working from home, and with that a new appreciation about just what a home office can look like.

There is often limited space and the luxury of dedicating a room to the sole purpose of functioning as an office is not an option. As a result many homeowners and designers are showing great creativity in seeking out usable space to set up shop. Both functional and inspirational, here are some of my favorite home offices seen on Houzz.

Home office inspiration contemporary home office

Everything in this space clearly states it belongs to one very chic individual. The tall door with paned glass, unique yellow chair and lamp, art wall and candelabra. What does this person do? Most certainly something creative.

New American Home Office contemporary home office

If I had to pick one office from this collection I do think it would be this one. The craftsmanship is impeccable, the finishes classic with a gray door adding style. The space is compact but every inch is utilized by running cabinetry around the walls up to the ceiling. There is a view to enjoy from the chair and a door to close off the noise from the other areas of the home. How do I order up one of these?

desk modern home office

Long and wide hallways can eat up a lot of the square footage in a home. If space for an office is limited, placing a smart looking and functional work area along a hall can be a creative solution. Here it appears this was the plan from the start, look at the low placement of the windows directly behind the work surface.

C O B U R N - A R C H I T E C T U R E contemporary home office

The same concept of using space along a hall can be used at the top of a stair landing. Here this approach is taken to the extreme, placing a work surface, chair and shelving in a tight space that many people might not recognize as having this potential.

Where is your home office located?

To read the entire Ideabook book on Houzz and see more great examples of how to find space for a home office, click here.

All images from Houzz

Monday, September 27, 2010

How To Dress Up Drapery Panels

Do you have a pair of drapes that need some style?
Simply dress up the drapery panels...

using a fabulous chunky trim...

...or a favorite fabric.

Adding lengths of trim or bands of fabric can quickly add a lot of style to ready made drapes. Here a colorful fabric has been made into wide bands of fabric and attached along the bottom edge of a pair of drapery panels. The embellishment could also run along the panel sides or even along the top...the options are really limitless when it comes to adding trim to drapes!

To add bands of fabric to drapery panels, begin by finding a favorite fabric that coordinates with the drapes to be dressed up. You'll also need a couple rolls of stitch witchery and pull out the scissors, a temporary fabric pen, yardstick, ruler and iron. Thanks to the convenience of stitch witchery, no sewing is required for this project!

Cut the lengths of fabric that will become the trim panels. If the drapes being dressed up are 50" wide, simply cut one fabric length per panel (from 54" wide fabric). If the drapes being embellished are double width panels, cut two fabric lengths and fuse them together to form one length long enough to run across the entire width of the drapery panel.

To cut the trim panels, begin by drawing a straight line along the bottom edge of fabric using a temporary fabric pen. Then cut along the line.

Next measure up from the bottom edge of fabric ten inches and mark at one foot intervals along the width of fabric. (The bands could be narrow or wide, depending on the look you want to create.)

Draw a line connecting the marks using a temporary fabric pen and yardstick...

and cut along the line.

To create finished edges on the trim panels, turn edges under one inch along the panel top and bottom and press in place with an iron.

Then simply insert a length of stitch witchery under the top and bottom hems and press with an iron to secure the hems.

Now it is time to attach the trim panels to the drapes. Lay the bands along the drapery panels and measure up from the drapery hem to ensure the trim panel is placed evenly along the drape. Place lengths of stitch witchery under the trim panel bottom edge and press with an iron to secure the trim to the drape.

Insert a length of stitch witchery under the top edge of the trim panel and press in place to secure the trim to the drape.

To create finished ends, wrap the trim panel around to the backside of the drapery panel, insert stitch witchery under the trim panel and press with an iron.

And that's all there is to you think you might give it a try?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

This Week's Ideabook On Houzz: The Good Life In The City

Despite growing up in Nome, Alaska (yes, how many people can say that?) I am a city girl at heart. I lived briefly in NYC, for an extended time in Chicago, and adored life for several years in San Francisco. How I eventually ended up in suburbia is another story...

However, the city girl in me got a chance to come out for a brief moment this last week while in NYC to tape a segment with Nate Berkus for his new show. While rushing through the city, trying to take in as much as possible during a brief stay, I wondered what it would be like to again live in a bustling city. And wouldn't it be grand indeed, if you were privileged enough to live in some of the spectacular city adobes featured in this week's Ideabook!

roof top terrace modern patio

If your home is in the city, having a bit of outdoor space is a true luxury, and this NYC terrace is about as great as it gets. Here is a space with ample room for comfortable seating, a fireplace, and a view. Simply wonderful.

baker contemporary bedroom

Apart from an outdoor space another necessity in a (dream) city home would be a tranquil bedroom, providing relief from the city noise. The muted gold and ivory tones in this San Francisco bedroom embodies calm and the outstanding collection of furniture and accessories continue the mood. Then, to top off the design, a very large and dramatic fixture takes the room to the next level.

family room modern family room

Another key component of a city home would be a large living space, ideally open to other areas of the home, preventing one from feeling closed in among the crowds. This family room has those elements. With views of the Empire State building you know where this home is located, but that might be hard to guess if you did not see the view. Filled with light and a sense of airiness, this space defies its location in a city.

Levenson McDavid Architects traditional exterior

Fortunately, I couldn't be happier with the community I live in, otherwise this is a building I would love walking up to and calling home. If I had several spare million that is...

To read the entire Houzz Ideabook showcasing other essential spaces for a dream city home click here. Enjoy your weekend! Janell

All Images from Houzz

Friday, September 24, 2010

Well...I Had Fun!

Despite so many bloggers expressing disappointment with the experience at the Nate show taping, I had a great time. How could I not?! What's not to love about a quick unexpected trip to NYC and the fun of attending a show while meeting so many of my fellow design bloggers? Sounds good to me, and isn't life what you make it?

Plus, I did have a slightly difference experience. I am thrilled to say the surprise I've been referring to as part of my trip to NYC was an invitation to be a guest on an earlier Nate show taped that same day! How is that for exciting?! While I can't talk about the specifics, I had the amazing opportunity to share a room design I recently completed with Nate and the audience, and hopefully soon with you! I'll keep you posted when I get an air date...

(I'm such a dork...excited, nervous and TIRED!! Look at that clenched fist, I meant to make a "thumbs up" but my excitement is showing and are those sheet marks on my arms?! You can get those in just two hours?)

After arriving in town late the night before and getting just two hours of sleep, I showed up at the studio very early in the morning, sans makeup, to begin preparing for the segment. It was so much fun to have Lakeitha and Jade hang out with me in the green room, thank goodness they were there! They distracted me and kept me from getting too nervous.

Luckily the experience included a trip to hair and makeup, otherwise I would have scared you all on tape. The makeup artist was completely sweet...and talented! When I told her I had basically gotten no sleep she told me not to worry, by the time she was done I would look like I had slept eight hours and gotten a bit of sun! She came through on her promise. (Can you please come do my makeup for all my special events?!)

(With Beth from The Stories A to Z...)

Now I know you all love a good before and after...I think this qualifies.

I was the last segment taped and it went really well...or so I've been told! The experience was a blast and I met so many fun people working on the show: Karen, Janelle, Nathanial, Paul, and many more including Nate himself. Thanks for making it a really great experience! Then it was a quick change and back downstairs to get in line for the second taping. This part I LOVED, meeting so many of the bloggers I follow and have become friends with. On the trip out I had made a mental note of everyone I hoped to meet and I think I managed to get through the list!

Sarah, the Thrifty Decor Chick herself!

Lakeitha, Erika and Sarah

Kate on the right...

Emily, who gets the award of being the sweetest blogger in attendance...

...along with the most gorgeous eyes.

On set after the second taping with Erika.

And in the question and answer session at the end of the taping,
sitting in between Cristin and Jade.

I'll end this post with a story about Cristin...can you believe this is not the first time I've met her? A bunch of us hung out until late in the night after the taping and while talking with Cristin I learned that she was a shopper in my San Francisco boutique years ago! Crazy, it is a small world.

Wow...what a day.