Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Today I'm Being Interviewed At BluLabel Bungalow

Today Erika, from the stylish blog BluLabel Bungalow, is featuring me in her Tastemaker Tuesday series. In the interview we discuss the parallels between fashion and interior design, and how my experience in both fashion and art influence my approach to interiors.

Click here to read the interview and come back tomorrow to see what became of this fabulous fabric!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Creative Lampshade Idea ~ Compliments of Isabella

Isabella was apparently paying attention when I recovered a lampshade or two during the past year. Here is her interpretation of how to cover a lampshade with fabric.

After Isabella asked if she could have an unused lampshade, the next thing I knew she had pulled out a bag of remnant fabrics and another bag full of trims. Then using fabric glue and a pair of scissors she went to work. From that point on I wasn't paying attention. If she was happy and busy, with Max playing with Lego's next to her, I was going to grab this quiet moment and get a little work done!

When she called me in to take a look at the length of fabric that had been pieced together, and wrapped it around the shade, I was certainly impressed by her creativity. Now this is a brilliant idea! Why hadn't I come up with this?

It was fun helping Isabella attach the patchwork of fabric to the shade, using my new favorite gadget...a glue gun. Afterwards she finished the project by securing trim around the top of the shade with fabric glue. I just completely adore the finished shade. I know, I'm being such a mom!!

Not very visible in the photo, Isabella wrote "M a x" on one side of the shade with fabric paint. She explained the shade was designed, with Max's approval and imput, to be placed on a lamp in his room. (I tell you, I will have to remind them who the designer is around here!)

(duvet and headboard fabrics ~ girl's dream bedroom)

(slipcover & lampshade trim ~ big boys bedroom & master bedroom)

This is my favorite side of the shade. The fabric shown at the center was used to recover a client's dining room chairs. She happened to stop by the day the lampshade was sitting here on the console lamp, immediately recognized her fabric and thought the whole thing was just great!

(island pendant fixture fabric ~ kitchen redesign)

(pillow fabric ~ living room redesign)

(message board fabric ~ girl's dream bedroom)

I just love being inspired by interesting design, and how cool is it when that source ends up being your own daughter. LOVE!

Don't be surprised if you see a patchwork lampshade show up in a future design of mine...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where Do I Blog ~A Linky Party At Centsational Girl

Kate, from Centsational Girl, is hosting a fun linky party, asking the question:

"Where do you sit down in front of a screen to connect with of the rest of the world?"

Last year I set up an office area in our living room, centered around this table which looks out a window facing the street. While sitting here I can watch people in the neighborhood going by. Running, pushing strollers, walking dogs, driving off to somewhere. So, as I connect with you I also get to see what is going on in my own little corner of the world. It's working for now, though at times I could use a space where it would be possible to close the door!

Check out what else has been linked up here!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Week's Ideabook On Houzz: Would You, Could You? Pink Furniture!

I suspect it would be a fairly safe bet to say a great many homeowners would not willingly select a piece of pink furniture for their home. In fact, a couple of my clients come to mind! But let's have a little fun, toss aside our reservations, and take a look at some spaces that have been furnished with a pink item or two.

To begin, here is some background information on this color. From the 1920's to 1940's, pink was considered an appropriate color for boys because, being related to red, it was the more masculine color. How about that? Blue, on the other hand, was considered appropriate for girls because it was the more delicate and dainty color. Since the 1940's, however, pink has become a hue that has become strongly associated with femininity.

Sambo House in Atlanta by Becky Harris contemporary porch

Does the fact that these pink chairs are Eames Rocking Chairs tempt a serious rethinking of the color pink as an option for furniture? They make a very striking image, sitting on this rustic porch against dark walls.

Pierce Allen traditional living room

A somber brown tweed would be the expected fabric on this chair, with its simple masculine lines. Instead, the choice of pink looks just divine placed in this room of neutrals and alongside the beautiful seafoam walls.

Vanessa De Vargas  bedroom

If an actual piece of pink furniture is too big of a commitment, try bringing in a fabulous pink chair or two in the form of a fun wall decal. What a delightful idea for a girl's bedroom.

To read the entire Ideabook on Houzz click here. And now I'm off to embrace some of the last moments of summer! Janell

All Images From Houzz

Friday, August 27, 2010

A Sunburst Mirror ~ DIY Style

This DIY sunburst mirror project is attending Frugal Friday over at the Shabby Nest. Click here for the tutorial on how to make this mirror!

I am loving the fresh look this sunburst mirror brings to the entry.


The mirror was painted ivory, to tie in with the stencil design recently painted on an adjacent wall. A little peek of it can be seen reflected in the mirror.

After hanging the mirror above the console, it became clear what this spot needed was a table lamp. I headed off to HomeGoods, hoping to find a lamp with a nice shape. The color didn't matter, it could just be refinished. So it was a happy bonus when this lamp, in a perfect shade to coordinate with the slipper chair, was waiting on the shelf.

I don't know why I didn't place a lamp here before. It casts a wonderful soft light at night, much nicer than turning on the harsher overhead lighting.

I'll be trying this project again, probably a smaller version, using these bamboo sticks painted a wonderful color. Perhaps a steel gray, orange, or even a brilliant green. So many options...

Enjoy your weekend and look for my latest Houzz Ideabook tomorrow, in which I explore a little pink!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

A Sunburst Mirror Project

When asked to put together a list of projects I would consider doing for HGTV.com, I recalled this sketch of a sunburst mirror. It was something I had thought about making awhile ago and so added the idea to the list. It could be fun...and I would finally have a reason to purchase a glue gun!

To get this project started I purchased a bundle of branches from Ikea. After looking at several options I chose these because they were fairly straight, which would be key to the success of the project. Then midway through making the mirror the branches started looking a bit like bamboo, and after a quick search I found these thin bamboo sticks at Nettleton Hollow. Shoot! Next time I would definitely consider using them...just an FYI, should you decide to try this yourself.

Other items needed? A mirror with a flat frame to attach the branches onto, this one was found at Target. A glue gun, painter's tape and a small saw. I picked up a hacksaw at Home Depot, as I have no power tools, but a circular saw would have probably made cutting the branches a two minute job. After gathering all the supplies, the branches were cut down to varying lengths of 15 to 20 inches long.

Next "guidelines" were taped onto the mirror. These lines, along with a yardstick, helped the first branches get glued onto the frame pointing in the right direction.

This approach proved to be a success in getting the branches positioned nicely around the mirror in a radiating circle.

Afterwards the areas between these branches were filled in. I was careful to vary the length from branch to branch. Also, because each one did twist and turn in a slightly different direction, with some branches reaching forwards and some reaching backwards, I was careful to vary this aspect as well. The effort did pay off, there is a nice three dimensional effect to the finished product.

I did not skimp on the glue, wanting to make sure the branches were securely attached to the frame. I burnt the tip of my finger once, that was enough to learn my lesson!

At this point I started to have some faith in the project, as it was beginning to show some promise.

Once all the branches were glued around the frame, they were lightly sanded to remove any extra glue that had dried on the top surface of the branches.

Next the mirror surface was covered with paper to protect it while the frame got painted...

...and then the whole thing was moved out to the garage. I devised a stand to place the mirror on while getting painted, three paint cans stacked one on top of the other. It worked great! (The mirror would have been really hard to paint if laying on the ground.)

First primer was applied to the back side.

After drying, the mirror was turned over and primer was applied to the front.

These steps were repeated for paint and finally a gloss finish. I let the paint dry for a day and then the paper was removed. Why do I love this part of a project soooooo much? It's like unwrapping a present!

The finished mirror has been hung in my entry and...while quirky and probably not for everyone...the result is putting a smile on my face! If I get the console staged and the lighting cooperates, look for final photos tomorrow. In the meantime, here is a tiny preview.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Isabella's Lampshade Project

Using a bunch of my remnant fabrics and trim, Isabella just completely upstaged me in covering a lampshade. I am flipping out at its fabulousness!! More in a post soon...

(and see the peek of the mirror?!)


Do you have your doubts about this one? I did...stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I Think I'm Being Ignored

The point of hanging a chalkboard in Isabella and Max's bathroom was to have a place to jot down some of their responsibilities, as a reminder. I pondered whether or not there was any chance it would help in this post. I loved the comment from Autumn, author of the blog design*dump:

"probably not! they'll still need some coaxing from mom! maybe you could write the message backwards, so they can read it when they are standing in front of the mirror! might make things a little more exciting for them to have to "decode" the message."

I thought this was a great suggestion! So I wrote the reminders backwards.

Can you believe they haven't noticed yet?! A full two days later. Come on, the message could not be more clear when standing at the mirror. (And Max is a great reader...no excuses there!)

Or perhaps they are simply ignoring me? Most likely. Kids...

Then, just look at this pretty fabric! Based on the happy and bright colors, you can see I am in no way ready for fall. Later in the week I'll show what the beautiful print has become...