Friday, July 30, 2010

This Week's Ideabook On Houzz: Painted Front Doors With Personality To Spare

Lately there seems to be a buzz on the street about brightly painted front doors. There are few limitations about what color can be used (unless you have an HOA like my neighborhood) and many homeowners and builders are taking full advantage of this trend. Painting the entry door an amazing color brings instant personality to a home, adding a big jolt of style to its curb appeal.

front facade traditional exterior

When I think of homes painted with wonderful color, San Francisco is the city that comes to mind. Living in this city for several years was such an incredible treat for the eyes, and the home above is a perfect example. The happy robin's egg blue on the door is repeated on the window casings, creating a vibrant contrast against the subtle yellow facade.

an eclectic house eclectic exterior

The brilliantly painted door frame, surrounding weathered painted doors, seems very appropriate in this sun drenched entry. Warm, worn and lovely, it speaks to what you could possibly expect to find inside.

Feldman Architecture modern entry

The sharp green door framed by a cool gray exterior exudes sophisticated style. This choice most certainly elevates the exterior of the home, and is continued into the interior. To see those images and read the entire Houzz Ideabook click here.

Enjoy your weekend! Janell

All images from Houzz

Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Bonus Room For Many Functions

Where do I begin, in describing this room? Its design and functional requirements created several challenges! As far as bonus rooms go, it is a smaller space measuring approximately 12 x 18 feet, and is a room the family uses everyday for a variety of activities. Reading, TV viewing, piano practicing, guitar playing and get this, a guest room when there is an overflow of company. And, as is the case with many design projects, this one came with an existing item that had to remain in the room. Sometimes these elements are small or easy to work around. Not in this room. Here the large sectional running the length of one wall and nearly all of another needed to remain in the room. It is in perfect condition, of high quality, and it just didn't make sense to replace it. Oh, and the lighting. The clients requested the ceiling fixtures be replaced as quickly as possible!

Before. With the large sectional taking up space on two walls and the double door entry taking up the third, the only remaining area to place the piano and media console was on the fourth wall seen on the left.

Before. Removing the large armoire allowed a smaller media console, in a style complimenting the piano, to be brought in. While I always gravitate towards symmetry and centering key elements on a focal wall, doing this here was simply not possible. Instead the media console and piano are placed side by side, with as much distance as possible between them, given the limitations of the wall length. A ledge is placed above these two key pieces of furniture, creating a bridge between them, helping the layout feel right. Also, because the ledge is centered on the wall, a sense of balance is created. Then, the gorgeous grasscloth is the highlight of the design. Without it the final result would be far less successful. It adds texture and interest and is another element that helps tie together the furniture and accessories placed along this wall.

A rug from West Elm brings in color and pattern while adding interest by covering the basic carpet with something more dynamic. Don't be afraid of layering area rugs over carpet, I say! Also, can you believe we didn't have to repaint this room? Luckily, a wallpaper was found that coordinated perfectly with the color the client's had previously painted the room.

Before. The original armoire took over the room and prevented any spacing between the entertainment function of the room and the piano. This created a cramped line of furniture down the length of the wall.

Before. With kids growing up fast, the toys were no longer being used and could be taken out of the room. This freed up space to artfully place the owners guitars in the corner and shift the media console further down the wall to the left, providing a little breather between it and the piano.

A painting by the children's grandmother works beautifully hung adjacent to the wall covered with grasscloth. The colors and texture are just perfect here.

The tailored light fixtures are a stunning improvement from the builder grade "boob" lighting. What is up with that and the fact they are placed in nearly every spec home?! While the space is small, the ceiling lines and height are one of the best features of the room. Hanging drum pendant fixtures accents and takes advantage of this feature.

Before. As I stated, the sectional needed to remain in the room, despite the client's wish for a more tailored replacement...someday.

Before. Changing pillows, artwork and adding additional lighting helps update and add function to this area of the room.

The client loves to read and hoped a small table could be found to slide into the narrow space available between the end of the sectional and wall, with a lamp placed on it for more light in this corner. The option we found fits perfectly, and with three shelves it provides a place to store a few items. The glass lamp placed here and on the piano coordinate well with the ceiling fixtures, providing a sleek contrast to the earthy wallpaper.

So there you have it! The clients love this room and I am very excited to be helping them furnish a wonderful beach house they have just purchased. Even better, our kids are lucky us! We are all looking forward to combining some fun trips to the beach to play while fitting in a bit of design work.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Sneak Peek - A Client's Multi-Tasking Bonus Room

Thank you for a very successful Stella & Dot sample sale yesterday, in which virtually everything sold out by early morning! I had no idea this would be so popular, and will definitely host another one in the future.

As a result, instead of writing the post intended for today I was busy packaging jewelry to be shipped. But here is a preview of the post, which will be ready by tomorrow.

Chuck of Wallpaperpro

Several months back I began working with clients on their fairly small bonus room, a space that needed to serve several functions while housing a TV, large sectional and a musical instrument or two. One of the first changes to the space was to hang a gorgeous grasscloth wallpaper, seen below.

Here is a sneak peek. Look for more photos tomorrow and how the challenges were addressed with a tailored and beautiful result while providing all the requirements for this multi-tasking room.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stella & Dot Sample Sale

Wow...all gone!!
I had no idea this would be such a success,
so I see another one in the future.
Thank you and sorry to those who didn't get their picks!
Today I'm hosting a Stella & Dot sample sale and here is how it works. Listed below are the samples available at approximately 70% off the retail prices. There is only one of each item, so it is first come first serve. Click on the name of any item to be taken to my Stella & Dot e-boutique for a complete description of the style.

If you'd would like to purchase an item simply email me at Write the name of the piece in the email subject line and include your shipping address in the message. (U.S. residents only...sorry!) If you are the first person to claim an item I will send you a confirmation email with the total due, including a $3.00 shipping charge, and a PayPal account for payment. Once payment is received the jewelry will be shipped to you. If any items go unclaimed (have not been paid for) after 24 hours, I will contact the next person who expressed interest in the piece of jewelry.

All items are in perfect condition, though I no longer have the original boxes for many of the pieces. Happy shopping!

Azure Couture Earrings $24~ (regularly $79.00)

Bloom Flower Ring in Coral $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Devi Bangles in Gold $24~ (regularly $79.00)

Aimee Locket Necklace $24~ (regularly $79.00)

Perfect Faceted Earrings in Smoky Quartz $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Sofia Cluster Ring in Smoky $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Sofia Cluster Ring in Black & Silver $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Rachel Necklace $27~ (regularly $89.00)

Stackable Deco Rings sz 7 $14~ (regularly $49.00)

Glint Flower CZ Necklace $12~ (regularly $39.00)

La Coco Brooch Necklace $29~ (regularly $98.00)

Gilda Link Earrings in Silver $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Soiree Pearl Pave Bracelet in Gray $9~ (regularly $29.00)

Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace $35~ (regularly $118.00)

Adrienne Chain Earrings $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Lucky 7 Rings sz 7 $16~ (regularly $54.00)

Goa Pendant Earrings $14~ (regularly $49.00)

Grace Pearl Earrings in Gold $9~ (regularly $29.00)

Delicate Ball Station Chain in Gold $12~ (regularly $39.00) Great paired with below charm.

Love Script Charm in Gold $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Signature Clover Chandelier Earrings $14~ (regularly $49.00)

Bella Chameleon Hoop Earrings in Silver $10~ (regularly $34.00)

Starfish Earrings in Silver $10~ (regularly $34.00)

And to see all the new Stella & Dot styles for Fall visit my e-Boutique here!

While you are there check out a new development at Stella & Dot, The Stella & Dot Foundation, whose mission is to create positive change in women's lives through education and economic empowerment.

p.s. Check in comments and I'll try to update pieces that have been spoken for!