Friday, November 5, 2010

A Coaster Project & Today I'm At Look Linger Love!

Today I'm participating in a fun series called '5 of my favorite things', hosted by Chassity at her delightful blog Look Linger Love. (And don't you just LOVE her header design below?!) Check out the post and her blog here.

Also, I worked on a DIY Coaster project this week, to use in the Master Bedroom. My husband always places a glass of water on the nightstand at night, usually set on a book or magazine. I thought it was time for an upgrade, and decided it would be fun to make a couple coasters to set drinks on instead.

I found unfinished wooden shapes, which were just the right size to become coasters, and covered them with primer. Then a layer of ivory paint was applied, followed by a wash of my beloved metallic paint in 'Fool's Gold'. After the paint dried a design was stenciled on, with a layer of polyurethane brushed over the tops and sides to protect the coasters from moisture.

The last step was to place felt pads on the bottom...

...and set the coasters on the nightstands.

This is a simple project that cost nearly nothing, using paint that was already on hand. These would make a great gift! A set of several, boosting a variety of colors and designs, wrapped with a pretty ribbon! I may just have to make a set myself, to put in someone's stocking.


  1. What a great idea! Love that you used &!

    I'll take a set in my stockings;-)

  2. Yes, perfect for that glass on the nightstand and perfect for stocking stuffers!

    great job!


  3. We have coasters on our coffee table. My hubby sets his glass down right next to them.
    All I can say is if he wasn't so cute...

  4. Great idea!! Thanks for your comment. Love model homes. Check out my post from yesterday to see an update of the patio. Looking good.

  5. Love the shapes you chose! Great idea, Janell.

  6. I love you Janell. Now I know what to give people for Christmas this year. Brilliant!!


  7. What a great idea! Even a non-crafty person like myself could do that one! :-)

  8. these are adorable!
    love that idea!!!

    jillian xoxo

  9. GREAT idea! And you're right, cute blog header..I need to check it out!

    Have a great weekend!

  10. Ok, I will display my ignorance. What is the symbol that you used?

  11. Lovely! A monogrammed set would make a great engagement/shower gift!

    Have a great weekend, Janell!

  12. Oh boy, now I need to make pretty coasters too! I don't dare to visit here anymore. You always put me to work! (:

    I look forward to reading your guest post.

    Happy weeekend to you dear.

    ox, Mon

  13. Oh I love this idea. I have been trying to think of little gifts to send over as stocking stuffers for all of my husband's siblings in Australia....this may be in order if I can find some spare time!

  14. great idea!!! have a great weekend!

  15. Really, really cute! I love that you found a simple, not out of the box store solution. And I'm also hearting the art wall you did below - lovely.
    On my way over to "Look Linger Love" to linger a while :)

  16. Easy and cheap - my kind of project! Must make some for Christmas gifts!

  17. these are really adorable and what a lovely gift idea - pretty, cheerful and inexpensive - perfect! :)


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