Saturday, October 23, 2010

This Week's Ideabook On Houzz: What Says "Quality" In A Home? Wooden Tread Staircases

A reader recently shared pictures of her newly completed home with me, a home which was custom built with outstanding craftsmanship. One thing that caught my eye and made the house stand out as exceptional was the attention to detail, including a beautiful wooden tread staircase. It is details such as these that say "quality" and I was inspired to see what examples of wooden tread staircases could be found on Houzz.

As you will see, there was no shortage of wonderful staircases to showcase. What I find interesting is that the attention to detail doesn't stop with the stairs. If time and money is spent getting this detail right, equal attention is given to the surrounding areas.

Sullivan Conard Architects traditional staircase
Sullivan Conard Architects

Here is traditional architecture at its best. The dark stair treads and handrail create a wonderful contrast against the millwork seen in this entry.

-- Hirsch Associate -- modern staircase
Hirsch Associates

Steel, glass and dark wood are combined in an strikingly artistic and modern way on this staircase.

modern stair contemporary staircase
Mark English Architects

Is this a staircase or a sculpture? The dark wood paired with white walls and marble floors highlights the sweeping lines of the staircase.

Logan's Hammer Building & Renovation

This home embraces the features I love most in a well made home: natural materials, excellent craftsmanship and the obvious thought given to make the most of each nook and cranny. The built-in work area and glass front cabinet are wonderful examples of details that can only be found in a quality home.

To read the entire Houzz Ideabook click here, and have a wonderful Fall weekend!


All images from Houzz


  1. Gorgeous stairs. All of the pictures are like works of art. Thanks for sharing. Hugs, Marty

  2. Gorgeous examples of quality work, the first image is perfection to me. Kathysue

  3. Stairs are always a focal point! I remember years ago we were remodeling and putting a stairway to the "spa" in our basement. I wanted (and did) to paint the spindles cream, and the railing wood toned. My husband had a fit! But now - it's everywhere, so I guess I did okay! Thanks for sharing. Sandi

  4. Great images, and you're so right about the details. I had a client who bought a builder home and we upgraded it with wood stairs after market. What a difference! I'm also using that wood and glass handrail in a project now. It's very cool! Thanks for sharing a great set of pics.
    Thanks for commenting on my post today. I'm taking the chocolate with me!!

  5. These are such gorgeous staircases and I agree - spending money on a staircase makes it a show-stopper and immediately says 'quality'. It's definitely worth the investment. :)

  6. My absolute favorite is the first image! WOW...

    Did you see Kate's stairs? My hats off to her!

  7. I thought of Kate's starircase as well when I saw these. She did a gorgeous job! These are all pretty photos. I'm really drawn to the style of the first photo. We have a one story home so no staircase. Hope you're having a nice weekend, Janell.

  8. Yes, I just went to take a look at Kate's, she did a fabulous job! Janell

  9. If you have more pictures of that first house you must show them. It is beautiful.

  10. * Wow, now THOSE are beauuutifully done, Janell!!!~~~ IMHO, spending one's $ in/on "special/certain" areas (if we can't spend it EVERYWHERE!!!) ALWAYS pays off HUGELY, and, for everyone, in the end!

    HIGH QUALITY items speak volumes to those who see it, as well as most CERTAINLY to those who live with and love it...


    Linda (in AZ*)

  11. okay, yes. these staircases are so beautiful. i loooove an amazing staircase. thanks for sharing. xo

  12. Love the first one, so pretty! Great write up, hope your having a great weekend!
    :) Kristin

  13. I love that last photograph, so beautiful!

  14. I've always been a big fan of millwork- even before I knew what it was called! :) I just noticed your new profile picture- very pretty!!

  15. We recently redid our staircase in our home with wooden treads and white risers - love the look!


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