Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Max Asks: When You Were A Kid, What Did You Want To Be When You Grew Up?"

While Max and I were working on the architectural letters this past weekend he asked me this...

"Mom, when you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?"

I hadn't thought about this for awhile, so when I started rattling off all the various things I had dreamed about becoming, I was surprised.

"Well, I wanted to be a photographer, a writer, a painter, an architect."

Max: "You are not an architect!"

Me: "No, but I work on houses. And look, I paint, I take pictures and I write! Aren't I lucky, my dreams have come true..."

And what did Max answer, when I posed the same question back to him?

"An inventor".

Oh, good answer!


  1. How cute! They say that boys are more likely to talk about "things" when we are doing something beside them, ie; painting, fishing, etc. I have found this to be true over the years.

    Wonder what he will invent...


  2. Love this conversation. I always wanted to be a country music singer :) (Funny, I don't even listen to country music now. . .)

  3. What a wonderful conversation to have with your son. Inventor is a really good thing to want to be.

  4. how sweet! Good for him for wanting to be an inventor - imaginative, inquisitive, smart, analytical - all great qualities he must possess! :)

  5. I suppose this is fair warning - he might be the child who likes to take apart the clock, or toaster, or computer to see how it works. But this is what is intriguing to those little inventive minds. Go Max!!

  6. Funny, my youngest wants to be an "Interior Designer"- and I think that she just might! Although she dances all the time from room to room!

  7. I always love when kids ask these type of questions. It does show that he is curious and wants to know more. I would say that those are two required traits for any successful inventor.

    Like the black and white photos - nice touch....

  8. Inventor! I love that! When I was a kid I wanted to be an
    interior designer... Instead of playing with Barbie I just decorated the Barbie house all day! I got there!

  9. Ha! He already is taking things apart, asking how everything is made and can talk your ear off for hours about various things he has already designed...in his head. :)

  10. He is so cute, love the conversation! Such a fun wonderful age, I have conversations like this with my little one and it makes my day!
    Hope your having a great week :)
    Kristin xoxo

  11. I always wanted to be an artist. I used to sit and draw for hours. I don't know why I didn't major in art, I should have.

    Amy R.

  12. I love the things that go through children's minds!

  13. Go Max! What does he want to invent?

    When I was in 2nd grade our teacher would ask us a topic question each day and we'd write our answers in a journal. Well one day she asked 'what do you want to be when you grow up', I wrote 'a cashier at Wal*Mart, but only if I'm really smart'. Hehehe. My parents still remind me of this 18 years later. 'You better study hard if you want to be a cashier at Wal*Mart!!'

    By 4th grade I was definitely onto bigger & better ideas of becoming an 'interior designer'.

  14. He's got great genes, so I'm sure he'll be a great inventor! I love those kinds of conversations with my little boy and girl!

  15. Janell I love your new profile pic.

    An adorable conversaton!! Your little guy is so cute!!

    Art by Karena

  16. Awwww...this is the cutest conversation! I can't wait to start using Max's inventions!

  17. That is the sweetest conversation. Max is a cutie! Kids are amazing. My little nephew asked me the other day what I wanted to be when I grew up!

  18. So cute that Max wants to be an inventor. I see dollars signs in his future ;-)

    I wanted to be a journalist and architect when I was young. Now I work on houses and write for houzz!

  19. Such a cute answer and so true!

  20. Love the new picture -- totally gorgeous! Isn't it such a reality check to have your child take your picture for your blog? Things like this keep us grounded in what's real :) it's the good stuff. I wanted to be on Broadway, then a writer. Well, I suppose the blog helps satisfy those dreams! Cute post.

  21. If he has just a fraction of mom's creative ability, I'm sure he'll invent something great!


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