Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Stella & Dot Sample Sale

Wow...all gone!!
I had no idea this would be such a success,
so I see another one in the future.
Thank you and sorry to those who didn't get their picks!
Today I'm hosting a Stella & Dot sample sale and here is how it works. Listed below are the samples available at approximately 70% off the retail prices. There is only one of each item, so it is first come first serve. Click on the name of any item to be taken to my Stella & Dot e-boutique for a complete description of the style.

If you'd would like to purchase an item simply email me at janell@isabellaandmax.com. Write the name of the piece in the email subject line and include your shipping address in the message. (U.S. residents only...sorry!) If you are the first person to claim an item I will send you a confirmation email with the total due, including a $3.00 shipping charge, and a PayPal account for payment. Once payment is received the jewelry will be shipped to you. If any items go unclaimed (have not been paid for) after 24 hours, I will contact the next person who expressed interest in the piece of jewelry.

All items are in perfect condition, though I no longer have the original boxes for many of the pieces. Happy shopping!

Azure Couture Earrings $24~ (regularly $79.00)

Bloom Flower Ring in Coral $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Devi Bangles in Gold $24~ (regularly $79.00)

Aimee Locket Necklace $24~ (regularly $79.00)

Perfect Faceted Earrings in Smoky Quartz $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Sofia Cluster Ring in Smoky $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Sofia Cluster Ring in Black & Silver $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Rachel Necklace $27~ (regularly $89.00)

Stackable Deco Rings sz 7 $14~ (regularly $49.00)

Glint Flower CZ Necklace $12~ (regularly $39.00)

La Coco Brooch Necklace $29~ (regularly $98.00)

Gilda Link Earrings in Silver $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Soiree Pearl Pave Bracelet in Gray $9~ (regularly $29.00)

Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace $35~ (regularly $118.00)

Adrienne Chain Earrings $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Lucky 7 Rings sz 7 $16~ (regularly $54.00)

Goa Pendant Earrings $14~ (regularly $49.00)

Grace Pearl Earrings in Gold $9~ (regularly $29.00)

Delicate Ball Station Chain in Gold $12~ (regularly $39.00) Great paired with below charm.

Love Script Charm in Gold $12~ (regularly $39.00)

Signature Clover Chandelier Earrings $14~ (regularly $49.00)

Bella Chameleon Hoop Earrings in Silver $10~ (regularly $34.00)

Starfish Earrings in Silver $10~ (regularly $34.00)

And to see all the new Stella & Dot styles for Fall visit my e-Boutique here!

While you are there check out a new development at Stella & Dot, The Stella & Dot Foundation, whose mission is to create positive change in women's lives through education and economic empowerment.

p.s. Check in comments and I'll try to update pieces that have been spoken for!


  1. I got first dibs on the clover chandelier earrings!!!

  2. Oh, lucky girl, those are really fabulous and will look great on you! Janell

  3. Just sent you an email for the Sofia ring in Smoky and the starfish earrings! I've been wanting to try out Stella & Dot! Great idea Janell!

  4. Claimed thus far:

    Silver Clover Earrings
    Sofia Cluster Rings- both colors
    Rachel Necklace
    Deco Stackable Rings
    Bloom Flower Ring in Coral
    Grace Pearl Earrings
    La Coco Necklace
    Starfish Earrings
    Clint Flower CZ Necklace
    Soiree Pave Bracelet
    Amie Locket Necklace
    Azure Couture Earrings

    Thanks everyone, busy morning so far! Janell

  5. Now Claimed:

    Lucky 7 Stackable Rings
    Goa Pendant Earrings

    You guys are up early this morning!

  6. Shoot...I was out of the house early this AM....totally would have tried to snag the starfish earrings and the Bloom Flower Ring!

  7. Going Fast!

    Now Claimed:

    Adrienne Mixed Chain Necklace
    Love Script Charm

  8. I can't keep up...can you just tell us what's left?

  9. Yes, it was a crazy morning, but things have slowed down. Here is what is left:

    Adrienne Chain Earrings
    Delicate Ball Station Chain
    Glida Link Earrings

    Thanks for inquiring! Janell

  10. Wow! My girlfriend just became a rep for this company a few months ago. Never heard of them and now I'm seeing them everywhere! Just gorgeous! Can't believe I didn't know of them. Good luck to all!

  11. Going, going...nearly gone!

    Adrienne Chain Earrings are the lonely last pick.

    Thanks everyone! Janell

  12. Gone...thanks! I'll have to host another one, perhaps before the holidays!

  13. Hi Janell -

    Glad this was a success! Not surprised - looks like you had some pretty awesome pieces.

    Just wanted to let you know that this post never came up today in Google Reader (at least not for me). Not sure if anyone else is having issues or if there's even anything you can do about it, but just thought I would let you know. Someone contacted me today, too, and said they had not gotten some of my posts either and I have no clue why because I haven't changed anything. Oh the mystery... :-)

  14. Ugh...so upset I missed this soiree! lol Especially since you had the Lucky 7 ring at a fabulous price. I wasnt at home today so I missed it. I inquired about being a rep in NJ and would like to get your feedback before I return my local reps call. Thanks...hopefully I can catch the next one...A lady has got to have her namesake ring!!!!

  15. Wow! You snooze, you lose. That's what I get for visiting you late today. ;-)

  16. Thanks Janell!! I received them today and they are beautiful!!


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