Sunday, May 16, 2010

Look What I Saw At Target! Isabelle & Max...

Isabelle & Max is a new line of baby clothes at Target,
but the line is being called Isabella & Max on

Christiane Lemieux designs the Dwell Studio line for Target and recently Target launched her latest collection....get this: Isabelle & Max. A little close for comfort. According to Christiane Isabelle & Max is named after her daughter and her best friend.

But the issue that makes me uncomfortable about this situation is that the line is named

in the title descriptions on I suggest someone at Target correct this as soon as possible. (Or start sending me checks.)

The name of my business is Isabella & Max...
What do you think?



  1. I agree - that is a little too close for comfort...

    Have you contacted anyone at Target or does anyone here know what would be the best next steps? Good luck with this - You are the true Isabella & Max!

  2. Someone on target's web team is into design blogs and made a mistake? Too funny...and close for comfort....keep us posted.

  3. I saw those the other day and at first thought they were yours! Oops ... guess you just have a really good business name

  4. wow! are you trade-marked? something to think about...

  5. I think someone (ummmm...Target) should have better editors...

  6. I noticed this on Target actually and did a double take!

    Write them a letter..or get a lawyer to. ; )

  7. ooh.... are you trade marked? no really? yeah a bit strange...let us know what you decide to do :)

  8. Wow, that is seriously should check it out and if you have trademarked your business' name, then the better for you..

    Let us know what happens..


  9. i saw it a week or so ago and i was stunned..instantly thought of you...i would contact someone asap..just wrong..GOOD LUCK

  10. Is your name a registered ficticious name with you state? When I registered my name, it was only on a state level, so I am the only "Mustard Seed Creations" in the state of PA. There are others out there in different states, though. Anyway, you just need to look into all of that. Two or more businesses with the same name is going to happend and it only becomes an issue if one party has exclusive rights to that name.

    Good luck!

  11. Isn't that a hoot! I'm sure that whoever was in charge of putting it on the web site was use to spelling Isabella instead of Isabelle. I would have easily made that mistake myself;-) so, is there something to do about this? Or are you just making fun of there mistake?!


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